‘Toilet Boy,’ The N&O and Incompetence.

*Talk about three things that go GREAT together. *

The N&O’s Colon Campbell — renowned for his blockbuster HB2 disinformation extravaganza — is doing his best to whip up hysteria among the public, carry leftist water, and just plain lie to the dwindling number of people who still read his paper.

“Incompetent federal investigators want to see your ballots”   screams the headline above Campbell’s latest masterpiece:

(By the way — federal grand juries can take up ALL KINDS of subjects while they are empaneled.  You know, cases of political corruption.  That kind of thing.  Just thought you’d like to know.)

2 thoughts on “‘Toilet Boy,’ The N&O and Incompetence.

  1. There are some over reaches in the subpoena. More time could have been spent in thinking trough the process.

    But, consider this. This is the a major test case for illegal voting. I support an aggressive investigation. I believe this ICE is perfecting the model for all future illegal voting investigations. Once the legal ground work is laid by this Federal Prosecutor this dog and pony show can go any where.

    A suit like this cannot be originated in the places where is is really needed because those places are infested with Obama’s liberal judges. Once precedents are set those obstructors of justice will have no where to go.

    There is more going on here than we see. Stand back and let the Trump Administration do its work. Don’t get sucked in by the RINO faction.

  2. The new twist on this is that they have also served the DMV with a subpoena for records. Definitely looking for records of illegals getting a license and automatically offered and signed up for voting. Let’s hope the noose on this scam tightens and gets rid of this pathway to sign up illegal demorat voters. As Hood states above, when it is set a precedent here it can be rolled out to the rest of the country. It will be nice if here in our district we can impose some will on the whacko California courts.

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