Tillis crony at heart of “Republicans for Biden”


You know we conservatives are so often told to suck it up, hold our noses, and just vote for these weak, spineless, un-principled candidates the GOP keeps tossing us?  Ever notice how — when one of our guys or gals gets nominated — NONE of that talk emerges from the other side.  NONE.


In 1964,  we got Republicans for Johnson.  In 1980,  We got the independent candidacy of former Republican John Anderson.   In 2020, we’re getting Republicans for Biden:


A group of North Carolina Republicans are joining a growing list of politicians and voters across the country who are blurring party lines ahead of the 2020 Presidential Election.


“North Carolina Republicans for Biden” is part of a national effort officials say is aimed at engaging Republicans who are supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden for president, instead of voting to re-elect President Donald Trump.


Among the list of Republican politicians announcing their support of Biden are former N.C. Supreme Court Associate Justice Robert “Bob” Orr, former state Representative Charles Jeter, Transylvania County Board of Commissioners Chair Mike Hawkins and Transylvania County Board of Commissioners Vice-Chair Page Lemel.


Jeter, who resides in Mecklenburg County, spoke to WBTV in a Zoom interview Wednesday afternoon, explaining his decision to vote against President Trump.


“He is doing everything he can to fundamentally alter the character of this nation and I fear he could do irreparable damage,” said Jeter.


The former state representative said he doesn’t like the way the President has treated the country and the American public. Jeter said he has taken issue with the way the President has handled trade agreements, and doesn’t like the way Trump has dealt with undocumented immigrants in America.


Jeter said he doesn’t agree with everything Joe Biden hopes to do, but would rather have the former Vice President in office.

“This is a man who’s proven to trust the experts. This is a man whose proven he knows how to govern, and in a time of so many challenges, our nation needs to return to a common, decent man or woman running the place with a steady hand,” explained Jeter.


He admitted that he also voted against President Trump in the 2016 election.


“I make no apologies for my vote in 2016. What I make an apology for, is I did it quietly,” said Jeter. “I did it alone. I did it in secret. I’m not making that mistake this time.”


The former representative said he is not worried about the backlash he may face from other Republicans.


“I’m not willing to sell my soul and I’m not gonna do that and if that causes backlash, I promise you I’ll sleep well at night,” said Jeter.


[…] WBTV reached out to the NCGOP for comment, and was referred to the President’s campaign for a statement.


“Low-level losers do not concern us,” Trump Victory Spokesperson Gates McGavick wrote. “The President has record support from Republicans and will be re-elected in November.”



Do you think Jeter, Orr and all these other folks will have ANY heartburn about voting for Tillis?  NOPE.   When Tillis was speaker of the state House,  Jeter was one of the most powerful members of the chamber and even ran the party’s candidate recruitment and fundraising efforts.  Jeter resigned his seat, at the last minute, to avoid a reelection defeat.  Tillis and the Meck Mob  hooked him up with a sweet gig lobbying the General Assembly for the county schools.





You can keep holding your nose and voting for Charles Jeter and his ilk.   Or you can actually demand that candidates respect the party platform when they are elected, while they are governing, and when they stand for reelection.



12 thoughts on “Tillis crony at heart of “Republicans for Biden”

  1. Someone may want to break the news to Mr. Jeter that Sen. Tillis is on board the Trump Train. When is he going to publicly denounce Sen. Tillis for his support of the president?

  2. Oh yeah, I noticed long ago that every time one of our guys (conservative) emerged from a Republican Primary the other side stopped all the suck it up and hold your nose talk. It’s a total one way street with their ilk. I have put the gas mask on for candidates like McCain and Romney but no more. Those days are long over and extend to all levels. I make no exceptions. Hell, they don’t. Why should I?

    1. Hear, hear…I highly suspect the honorable Tillis may be on the end of that ‘not holding my nose any longer’. Sir Tillis for about 4.5-5Y was anything but pro-Trump. He may very well have ticked off enough electorate to feel that wrath come Nov 3.

      I’m old enough to have had to vote Dole as well and the horrid Bushes, I & II…

      1. I can tell you for a fact that having polled the sentiment my red county, Tillis is very likely going to get the McCrory treatment. It amazes me that Tillis never put two and two together after McCrory got shown the door in 2016. The fool even thinks thinks that Wake and Mecklenburg counties are key to his re-election, and so like Hilary ignoring Michigan and Wisconsin, he’s spent the last five years ignoring the counties he needs.

  3. Five sitting Democrat mayors in Minnesota just endorsed Trump. Pouting puppies like Bob Orr are loosing ground and support
    daily. Oh, I forgot that James Comey is helping Orr. What an endorsement. Hope he likes wearing orange jumpsuits.

  4. Unless Tillis can ride Trump’s coattails, he is history. Most Republicans think he is a fake–and he is certainly no conservative.

  5. The squished haven’t figured out yet that conservatives will simply not vote for an R candidate if they don’t pass the sniff test. I’d rather stomach a Democrat for one term, the devil I know, than a RINO. Thus Obama did not win, McCain and Romney sure lost though. Unless Dan Forest emerges from his bunker with all barrels blazing, Cooper gets the-elected.

  6. We had a primary. To all protest voters, how’s that working out for us so far? Governor Roy Cooper.

    1. Nice. Blame the victims. We’re tired of rigged primaries designed to freeze out conservatives. Protest voting is the only option left to conservatives. Don’t blame us, blame the RNC.

  7. In 2014 , I said ,I would not support a progressive named Tillis. Six years later, nothing has changed, except his bank account. We need more senators , like the two that endorsed our campaign, Sen Paul and Sen Lee not frauds like Tillis and Burr.
    Tillis ignorance of the constitution has been shown with his record in GA, let alone in the Senate. He ignores the republican base for 6 years, now begs for our vote.
    Sen Paul’s speech laid the foundation on why President Trump should be re elected and will be. Tillis has zero reason for us to waste our vote on him.
    Either we believe in individual liberty or we don’t, no middle ground. Thom has shown he is wonderful to his base- lobbyist$$$

    1. Tillis may ride the coattail from the top, MAY. I know many what will vote top of the ticket but won’t vote for Tillis. We replaced Hagan; did we really improve? I say no. Burr is worse and that’s says much. Same for Gov’s race. McCrory was responsible for his own demise. Cooper should be but the NCAE and other entities like those will support him. Forest’s only shot is top of the ticket votes but Barney Fife-Cooper has quite the entrenched encampment after yrs of political office. Unsure how known Forest is; however, his only hope is NC citz are so disgusted with shutdowns, masks, closed schools, etc. My local school bd mtg on Tues night was raucous. 122 parents spoke and 120 said PUT MY CHILDREN IN SCHOOL. We cannot work FT and teach our children. And there was many, many more that didn’t get the opportunity to speak but were FOR return to school. And then I see the NCAE protesting in Raleigh yesterday……WANTING MORE $$$. They are NOT in school and yet WANT the coffers spilled out to them…….THESE are the Cooper’s disciples….For YRS, the NCAE’s spiel was always, you better pay up and be a part, because if you are sued we will defend you…BS…that was the age-old spiel.

  8. Tillis did end up supporting the supreme court nominees and and what are the chance his opponent would do that? While overall he is a failure we could have bigger failures for the state.

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