Tilli$$$ to be honored as a ‘Pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”



Yessirree.  In fact, a reception is even being thrown in his honor to celebrate that designation:





Wow.  And not a conservative rating ABOVE 50 in the whole bunch.



(Looks like the cheap seats start at just under $300.  Thommy-boy is reaching out to his friends to gas up for the coming clash with Garland Tucker — who I hear is prepared to dump as much as FIVE MILLION of his own money into the race.)


8 thoughts on “Tilli$$$ to be honored as a ‘Pro-LGBTQ Republican member of Congress”

  1. If I was Tillis I would come back to NC and run against Cooper for Guv. Now that NC is a Purple State Tillis has a very good chance of beating Cooper. McCrory doesn’t have a snowballs chance and the stars are not lining up for Forest or any “real” conservative thanks to the John Locke debacle and a few others.

  2. More pathetic pandering from this unprincipled “say/do anything to get elected” hypocrite. North Carolina deserves so much better than Tillis. I am glad Garland Tucker had the courage to jump into this race because I firmly believe if Tillis was NC’s only choice, a lot of people would have thrown up their hands and stayed home. Now we can hold #NEVERTILLIS accountable and show him you can fool people some of the time, but hopefully not in 2020!

  3. Has this invitation been verified? I never automatically believe anything I see only on the internet. Does someone have an actual copy? The photo in this article looks a little grainy.

  4. Is this guy really trying to get re-elected? I would expect that being pro-BLT is not a plus in most voter’s eyes here in NC.

  5. Where this man come from? How did he ever become the Speaker? How did he manage to get elected to the Senate? What does this say about the integrity of the NC Republican Party?

    1. You must be new around here. Take a look at what outside money did to the third district race. A lot of outside money is behind Tillis. Unless something big happens, he will be reelected, so you will get to witness the process first hand. As far as the integrity of the NCGOP is concerned, that’s a rather broad indictment. Why would you challenge someone’s integrity because they voted for a candidate based on misrepresentation? Not every person who voted for Tillis was a Republican, Democratic, or Unaffiliated voter. I guess no one has integrity any more in your eyes.

  6. Paid for by Americans United for Freedom? That’s interesting because I thought that was the 501(c)(4) that prominently features Alan Keyes.

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