ThomTV: What? No mention of the NCGA success story?

images11I’m in the Raleigh media market.  We’ve just now started seeing Thom Tillis’ TV ad that the mainstream media has been cooing about for weeks.  In the ad, the speaker — and US Senate candidate — talks about the private sector and what happens there, as opposed to the mean ol’ public sector (like you find on Jones Street and other parts of Raleigh).  

Businessman.  Conservative.  Those are the two labels the ad attaches to Tillis.  Never mind that Speaker Thom hasn’t worked in the private sector since 2009. 

One of the key points we’ve been hearing from Tillis backers is that his success as a leader in the NC House makes him a PERFECT choice for US senator.  Why not mention his tenure on Jones Street in the ad?  Why not talk about that record of success?

The Tillis campaign should speak up about his time on Jones Street.  Because you KNOW Kay Hagan and the Democrats surely will.

2 thoughts on “ThomTV: What? No mention of the NCGA success story?

  1. It also makes me puke when someone who is a flunky for major anti-conservative kingpin Karl Rove runs under false colors by calling himself a ”conservative”. Thom Tilli$ is not, and never has been a conservative. Tilli$ was recruited into politics by Morgan and Black to be an anti-conservative, to run against a conservative incumbent in a GOP primary and to back the treasonous Morganite winglet of the House GOP. As Speaker, Tilli$ has worked to undermine conservatives, while at the same time pushing liberal Democrats for GOP House nominations (like Arthur Williams). Tilli$ has worked to undermine conservative policy, like watering down the Voter ID bill, and killing the conservative efforts to end the expensive renewable energy mandate. Tilli$ also pushes liberal policies like amnesty for illegal aliens, drivers licenses for illegal aliens, and gutting programs like e-Verify that were designed to keep illegal aliens from taking jobs from citizens.

    Tilli$ is clearly a Counterfeit Conservative.

    1. Tillis is as much a corporate fascist as any of the GOP leaders in DC and their backers.

      He aligns perfectly with the Chamber of Commerce and multinational corporate interests that have been pressuring Congress to act on their behalf, NOT in the national interests or the interests of the people they were elected to represent.

      There is no question who Tillis would represent if elected.

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