The tale of the campaign report …

One could pick up some interesting insights by examining outgoing Supreme Court Justice Barbara Jackson’s third quarter campaign report:

  • The Jackson campaign reported raising $180,362.80.
  • The campaign’s expenditures totaled $283,353.36.

Of that expenditure total, they reported spending $219,451 with an Alexandria, VA-based firm called American Media & Advocacy Group for “TV media buy.”   (Over the last four to five months, I think I saw ONE Jackson ad on TV.  I saw countless Earls ads.)

The campaign also reported a total expenditure of $43, 798.70 with the Huntersville-based ABNO Group for “fundraising services.”  That’s Neal Orr –who we reported some time back shared a business address with then-state Rep. Charles Jeter.   Also getting in on the “fundraising” gravy train?

RK Strategies — that’s Ryan Kane, who we last saw going down with the sinking Scott Dacey for Congress ship — also got a piece of the action worth $16,526.58 for various and sundry digital / Internet related services.

Oh, and last but not least — Capitol Communications (Shumaker’s firm) got paid $8,500 for a “survey.”

Also of note, I did not see ONE DIME of in-kind or actual contributions (on the third-quarter report) from The North Carolina Republican Party.  Several local parties and campaign treasuries of elected Republicans ponied up.  But NOTHING from the state party.

4 thoughts on “The tale of the campaign report …

  1. So much to comment on, so much to
    ponder but too busy looking for missing R Florida ballots and will profit from comments of those wiser than me. With his track record of late I question: Why is Paul S referred to as a consultant?

  2. I have to wonder about the 4th district race. I saw no ads, mailers or anything else from either Price or Loor. The NCGOP seems to have given up on contesting the district and just letting Price have it. Loor and the last candidate Googe were all but invisible. Loor claims to have raised less that $60K to Price’s $600K. When will the NCGOP start standing up to David Price??

  3. The Barbara Jackson fiasco–the logical result of the Bob Edmunds fiasco– clearly demonstrates that we need a wholesale redo of the NC GOP establishment. I still primarily blame Edmunds for the loss of the Supreme Court, although his friends on this site continue to defend him and unfairly blame the legislature for the disaster. Edmunds got on his high horse and put his personal ego ahead of winning his Supreme Court race. He may very well have single-handedly destroyed the NC GOP in the process. The verdict is still out although the facts don’t look good for now. I think Jackson couldn’t raise money and run a strong campaign because most court observers thought she was doomed to begin with. Additionally, the fake Republican candidate got over 300,000 Republican votes—meaning that the party didn’t get the word out to our own voters. Grassroots conservative activists are fed-up with these misfires by our so-called establishment leadership. If there is not a decisive change, we will permanently become a blue state. Are you listening, Tim Moore and Phil Berger?

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