The Pinehurst Hot Mess: Next on the agenda? Mock some constituents.

I hope hope hope Jeff Sanborn runs crying to the Pilot again.  That publicity helped me earn BUSHELS of new local readers.  *Keep it up, pal.*

It’s come through the grapevine that Sanborn’s temper tantrum to The Pilot was not authorized by ANY of his alleged bosses at Pinehurst Village Hall.  In other words, the village manager apparently went rogue. 

If that is the case, WHY does he still have a job? How many other places of employment would allow someone, who runs out on their own and gets publicity that makes their employer look bad, to keep their job?

We’ve seen plenty of evidence to suggest that he speaks disrespectfully to members of the village council who are his supervisors. Now, we appear to have evidence that the village manager has no qualms about mocking village residents to council members and village staff.  Check this out:

What does one thing have to do with the other?  Being passionate about protecting private property rights while being late on paying taxes? What business is Jackson’s tax situation  to Sanborn?   For what it’s worth, property taxes are administered by the county.

Councilmember Lydia Boesch responded to Sanborn’s email:

An argument can be made that taxing someone annually on stuff they already own is an in-your-face attack on private property rights.  So, is gossip about residents a significant component of the workday over there at village hall?

Sanborn has beautifully made the case for Jackson that Sanborn and his bureaucrats have malice toward him and his businesses.  It should prove helpful in any future courtroom action.

Former mayor Nancy Fiorillo once told me she once had to speak to the village planning staff about reported bad-mouthing of Jackson:

“I told them to stop. They said: ‘he sues the village all the time.’ I said: ‘And he wins every time, doesn’t he?’   I told them I was getting tired of getting sued and losing lawsuits, and they should be too. The Planning office should be working with people, within the rules, and not looking for a fight every step of the way.”

It’s awfully good to see what the bureaucrats we pay actually think about us.  Some may think that the situation can be fixed by simply replacing Strickland, Hogeman and Pizzella in November.  As you can see from this email, Jeff Sanborn is a HUGE problem as well.  How can we continue to tolerate a village manager who — unauthorized – runs to the local paper to attack our elected officials? (I’m a big boy.  I can take it.)

We also need a new attorney, while we’re at it.  It’s clear our leadership is not — and has not been – getting sound advice.

The Strickland-Hogeman-Pizzella cartel recently spearheaded a contract extension for Sanborn.  Sanborn has already got us on the hook paying for an expensive lawsuit currently in front of the state Court of Appeals.  I understand there are more coming — stemming from a lot of the bad decisions emanating from Village Hall.

Sanborn has helped the village government earn a bad reputation with the county’s elected officials in Raleigh.  And let’s not forget all the negative, embarrassing publicity.  It’s got to be cheaper to just pay this guy off to GO AWAY than to keep tolerating his antics.

One more thing — Sanborn loves to keep hitting me and my work with the adjective ‘dishonest.’  How dishonest can I be when I am simply printing emails from Sanborn verbatim – and then drawing my own conclusions?