The Pinehurst Hot Mess: Kiss your ban GOODBYE.

Somebody better slip those mean ol’ downtown Yankees their medication a wee bit earlier than usual.  Some state senators – including our own Tom McInnis – are seeking to reverse some of their recent mischief. 

Those folks, along with the Strickland-Pizzella-Hogeman cabal on the village council, have tied Pinehurst up in knots and turmoil for over a year regarding VRBOs and AirBnBs in our fair village.

The downtown crowd and their council cabal has slandered local rental property owners up-and-down, accusing them of everything from running drug dens to facilitating the local litter problem to even fueling a crime wave.  A crime wave. In Pinehurst.  *Um, yeah.*

Some restrictions got rammed through the village council – over the vehement objections of the village planning board.  It soon became apparent the restrictions screwed over The Country Club of North Carolina.  Restrictions supporter John Strickland – also a CCNC member – apparently started feeling some discomfort during his visits to the clubhouse.

The Strickland-Pizzella-Hogeman cabal is in the midst of trying to create an exception to the vacation rental ban that would protect CCNC’s long-standing rental program.

However, this latest bill in the Senate may make all of this local fuss over grandfathering and banning and carve-outs a moot point.  Senate Bill 667 was filed today in Raleigh by GOP senators Tim Moffitt, Bobby Hanig, and Tom McInnis. 

To my educated eyes, the bill appears to slap down restrictions on vacation rentals statewide.  It would also appear to knock down the recently-approved Pinehurst restrictions pushed by The Friday Group and their three-member cabal on the council.


Seems pretty crystal clear to me. Here’s some info on WHAT municipal governments CAN do:

Sounds pretty reasonable.  It’s too bad we have to look to Raleigh for some reason and sanity on pretty basic issues.