The NCGOP E.D. rumor mill …


Names of potential replacements for Dallas are starting to leak out of Hillsborough Street. (Trial balloons, perhaps?)


Anyway, here is what we have:


    1. Jim Burton.   We’ve already written about him.  But I keep hearing his name from multiple plugged-in sources.  I am also hearing there are concerns from on high about his close personal relationship with Dallas.


    1. Jonathan Felts. He’s been around NCGOP circles for quite a while.  He’s been a senior adviser to Gov. Pat McCrory.  He served in The White House’s political office under George W. Bush, and has been a professional political consultant.


    1. Jennifer Behr.   She’s a former NCGOP Finance Director, and has served as a regional finance director with the RNC.  One HUGE red flag is her “senior organizer” role with Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy.  (That’s solar, baby.)