The NCGOP E.D. rumor mill …


Names of potential replacements for Dallas are starting to leak out of Hillsborough Street. (Trial balloons, perhaps?)


Anyway, here is what we have:


    1. Jim Burton.   We’ve already written about him.  But I keep hearing his name from multiple plugged-in sources.  I am also hearing there are concerns from on high about his close personal relationship with Dallas.


    1. Jonathan Felts. He’s been around NCGOP circles for quite a while.  He’s been a senior adviser to Gov. Pat McCrory.  He served in The White House’s political office under George W. Bush, and has been a professional political consultant.


    1. Jennifer Behr.   She’s a former NCGOP Finance Director, and has served as a regional finance director with the RNC.  One HUGE red flag is her “senior organizer” role with Chambers for Innovation and Clean Energy.  (That’s solar, baby.)


8 thoughts on “The NCGOP E.D. rumor mill …

    1. A conservative????? The ONLY client Buron ever had in his legislative campaign consulting business in the 2018 cycle was establishment moderate Bobby Hanig, who was challenging conservative Freedom Caucus incumbent Rep. Beverly Boswell (R-Dare) in the GOP primary. Running a campaign to try to oust a sitting conservative legislator and replace them with an establishment moderate is simply not conservative in most people’s books. To make matters worse, Burton ran a nasty dishonest campaign geared around a vicious personal attack at the last minute to narrowly edge out Boswell. That type of dirty tricks campaign tactics against a conservative also does not sit well with conservative activists. Burton is no conservative, and would, in fact, be an insult to conservatives if he were hired.

  1. Actually, I was just thinking the red flag with Behr is that she is tight with a fellow named John Boehner. In other words, another lobbyist swamp creature just like the newly (S)elected Chairman, both with National connections. Anybody paying close attention may be catching on to the fact that the NCGOP and it’s operations have been taken over by the RNC. Not sure why, maybe they got alarmed by the Woodhouse clownshow, maybe they just decided that North Carolina was too important in 2020 to be run by us locals on the ground.

    1. Toxhandler,
      NCGOP has been run by the Republican National Mafia for years with former Congressman Robin Hayes a crony-capitalist and Dallas Woodhouse deeply involved with Rove and company. Now that the GOP Presidential Convention is to be located in Charlotte next summer, the RNC will be running things for sure. Donald Trump will keep his hands off because the “establishment” still wants to remove him!

  2. Donald Trump supports the liar Tillis. Guess he didn’t learn much from the Jeff Sessions debacle. So unfortunate Trump believes in people like Lying Ryan and Company.

  3. What a choice. Three establishment hacks, two of them with swamp experience in Washington, DC, and one who was Woodhouse’s favorite consultant and BFF and who would be Woodhouse 2.0. As to other parts of their backgrounds, being a senior adbisor to the failed McCrory adminsitration should disqualify anyone, as should being a paid hack for the corrupt crony capitalists of the green energy scam. None apparently have ever had any experience within the party organization as a volunteer leader, so any of them would be aloof from the grassroots. None are conservative.

    There was more than one applicant who did have a background in the GOP organization in North Carolina, coupled with a skill set to effectively occupy the ED’s position. Why have they all been eliminated? Is the RNC trying to run our state party organization?

  4. So close, but so far. Number two is wrong. Jonathan Sink was selected dip shit.

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