The Left is bringing GUNS to a slap-fight


Republicans are all caught up in: (1) Keeping Zan relevant, (2) obtaining job security for Dallas Woodhouse, and (3) tut-tutting about how tasteless and insensitive this website is.  Meanwhile, the radical Left is in full WAR mode ready to burn the whole place down in order to reclaim power.  

Don’t believe me?  Check out this ad:

And WHO doesn’t want to combat HATE & EXTREMISM? (Wait.  I think they are referring to US. As you know with this crowd, you are a hater AND an extremist if you dare to disagree with them.) 

Your kids COULD mow lawns, dip ice cream, stock shelves at Harris-Teeter or fold clothes at Belk for the summer. Or they could help beat down that HATE & EXTREMISM stuff.

Oh this’ll be great résumè material for after-graduation.  Can’t you hear that buttoned-down job interviewer, now?  “Oh, I see you spent the summer fighting that hate and extremism stuff. Good for you! We’ve got a lot of use for that kind of experience and know-how around here.”

Let’s see.  $535 per week.  Divided by — say- 40 hours.   That’s $13.38 per hour at 40 hours per week.

$4800 for the summer.  Let’s call it four months.  $1200 per month.  120 hours per month.  $10 per hour (before FICA and other taxes) ????  (Come on Lefties.  You call that a LIVEABLE WAGE?  What would you say if a Republican capitalist pig small businessman paid people at that same rate? )

The bigger point here:  Dallas and his grandpa and Ma Cotten and Zan can devote all their time to promoting themselves and ensuring their continued relevance.  Meanwhile, the Left is sharpening their bayonets and putting on their warpaint.