The Left is bringing GUNS to a slap-fight


Republicans are all caught up in: (1) Keeping Zan relevant, (2) obtaining job security for Dallas Woodhouse, and (3) tut-tutting about how tasteless and insensitive this website is.  Meanwhile, the radical Left is in full WAR mode ready to burn the whole place down in order to reclaim power.  

Don’t believe me?  Check out this ad:

And WHO doesn’t want to combat HATE & EXTREMISM? (Wait.  I think they are referring to US. As you know with this crowd, you are a hater AND an extremist if you dare to disagree with them.) 

Your kids COULD mow lawns, dip ice cream, stock shelves at Harris-Teeter or fold clothes at Belk for the summer. Or they could help beat down that HATE & EXTREMISM stuff.

Oh this’ll be great résumè material for after-graduation.  Can’t you hear that buttoned-down job interviewer, now?  “Oh, I see you spent the summer fighting that hate and extremism stuff. Good for you! We’ve got a lot of use for that kind of experience and know-how around here.”

Let’s see.  $535 per week.  Divided by — say- 40 hours.   That’s $13.38 per hour at 40 hours per week.

$4800 for the summer.  Let’s call it four months.  $1200 per month.  120 hours per month.  $10 per hour (before FICA and other taxes) ????  (Come on Lefties.  You call that a LIVEABLE WAGE?  What would you say if a Republican capitalist pig small businessman paid people at that same rate? )

The bigger point here:  Dallas and his grandpa and Ma Cotten and Zan can devote all their time to promoting themselves and ensuring their continued relevance.  Meanwhile, the Left is sharpening their bayonets and putting on their warpaint.  



9 thoughts on “The Left is bringing GUNS to a slap-fight

  1. OK, so how do we swap out the cadavers in the GOPe for live Americans? Maybe we could ambush them all at once at one of their monthly lunches. Other than that, they’ll be hard to corral.

  2. One more note: The Republican Party office in Southern Pines / Moore County shuttered on 9 November 2016, and not likely to re-energize / reinvent the wheel til August of 2019, trying to figure out what their next steps will be. It’s all about after-thoughts vice forethought. In the meantime, they play grammar school games and build monuments to each other. Historical reality …
    But, happening steadily but surely is the shift from D & R Party affiliations to Unaffiliated/Independent. Need to set up a little sliding scale to track this. Both parties are philosophically and morally bankrupt.

  3. Tillis will re-energize the base in 2018, coincidentally also promoting big one:
    !!Thom 2020!!

    1. Tillis might energize the base to come out in the primaries to toss out phonies such as himself. There are a bunch in both houses of the legislature that need to go. The list of those who sold out on HB2 is a good starting point for who we need to get rid of.

  4. You would think Soros could open his pocketbook wider so that these folks could make $15-$20 per hour. It seems the leftist agitators are the haters if they do not provide that living wage.

    This also provides proof that all these folks are paid agitators, just in it for the $$$ instead of actually being motivated by the issues. I am surprised they put this out there for all to see since their narrative is always “grass-roots uprising” or some such baloney.

  5. When mentioning Zan in your opening why is she even relevant? Zan is a expert at everything political and more has unseated Hillary Clinton as the smartest women in the world. Then you have Dallas Woodhouse who is the darling of the Hayes machine.

    Do not these two people explain one of the reasons the NCGOP is stuck in reverse.

  6. The Radical Left is indeed in full war mode. Meanwhile, the NC RINO establishment is incapable of governing and is virtually surrendering to the Left. Bushism has come to NC in full force. The average GOP grassroots volunteer has no idea just how rotten Raleigh has become and how the RINOs have betrayed us. Look no further than the brain dead RINOs on the UNC Board of Governors!

    1. We used to be able to count on Phil Berger, but not any more. He has gone plain squishy.

      We need some MAJOR changes in next year’s primaries.

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