The jab or the job …


Get your shots or lose that promotion.  Lose that bonus or pay raise.  Lose your job. These are the kind of threats Joe Biden and DC Democrats are encouraging employers to make.  Unfortunately, a lot of workers are calling their bluff.  The COVID restrictions plus the unemployment insurance payment enhancements got the labor shortage going.  Now, this latest round of threats is expanding the labor shortage and threatening to worsen an already anemic economy.

There is a lot of empty space on grocery store shelves.  Scores and scores of flights are being cancelled all over the nation, thanks to a shortage of on-flight staff.  Hospitals are experiencing a shortage of nurses.  All of this over a shot.

Some people counter-attack by saying the job-quitters are only endangering the rest of us by not getting inoculated.  Others say threats from the government and /or employers are un-called for and unnecessary.

Americans, as a whole,  don’t like being bullied.  We fought at least two wars sparked by bullying by a powerful central government.

I am all for doing what you need to do to protect yourself and others during the pandemic.  I am not on-board with threatening people’s careers and financial livelihoods to force them to get shots.