The Emperor’s — um, GOVERNOR’S New Clothes


Just like that monarch in the Hans Christian Anderson story, Roy Cooper’s ego is in high gear.  His admirers won’t admit that he’s an unaccomplished blowhard attempting to cruise along atop other people’s work.  The “important” thing is that Cooper thinks he’s great, as does his drive-by fan club:

[…] North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper chairs the Democratic Governors Association and has been making the rounds promoting campaigns of Democratic candidates for governor. On Wednesday, he was interviewed by Pluribus News, a national legislative news site, and talked about what’s at stake for voters this election year. He called former President Donald Trump’s Republican followers “a cult” and said the majority of the Republican Party supported “an autocracy.”[…]

So says the goober who gleefully snatched all of these dictatorial powers between 2020 and 2022, and still hasn’t given them all up. His heavy-handedness during the COVID lockdown permanently damaged a lot of North Carolina businesses and helped do a number on public school students’ academic performance.

He gets even more ridiculous in tooting his own horn:

[…]“I know that we’ve been pulled apart and that we are diametrically opposed and often closed-minded about these kinds of issues,” Cooper said during the interview, after talking about national issues including inflation.[…]

Of course we disagree on inflation.  Cooper sides with Biden on inflation — spend more and more and more. (Anyone with half an inkling about economics knows THAT fuels the growth of inflation.)

Wait.  There’s MORE:

[…] “That’s what happens when you have a cult. There’s no question that Donald Trump has created a cult,” Cooper said. “I do believe that there are enough people in this country who do understand that the majority of the Republican Party has decided that they are OK with an autocracy as long as their guy is in charge, and that protecting and preserving our democracy is crucial,” Cooper went on to say.[…]

Again, this is the guy who held on tight to autocratic lock-down powers during the COVID pandemic. This guy is also cheerleading for the Biden administration — which is busy, as we speak, stomping all over The Bill of Rights.  Republicans are not the ones sending FBI SWAT teams to kick in people’s doors. Republicans are not the ones locking people up in solitary indefinitely and without trials for charges that should be little more than misdemeanors.

Democrats have elected Roy the head of their national governor’s association.  Roy’s team is floating the suggestion all over the place that their man is being eyed for a place on the next Democrat presidential ticket. Seriously?  

I guess I shouldn’t dismiss that prospect so quickly.  Look what they nominated and got elected in 2020.

It’s amazing that this bumbling goober keeps winning.  As AG, he screwed up the state crime lab so badly that tons of victims got screwed over and many defendants got off scot-free.  (The lab got taken away from him.)  Scores of state inmates were wrongly arrested and convicted during the era of Roy at NCDOJ.  Local governments were having to hire private labs to get their forensics work done.

He stood by and allowed the Duke lacrosse mess get way out of hand.  Cooper got in front of the cameras only when it became clear the prosecutor’s case was in shambles.

Cooper marched with the same race-baiting radicals who burned significant sections of Raleigh, Charlotte and Durham.  Yet he has the gumption to tut-tut over the, um, “violent nature” of Trump supporters. (Remember his lil’ missus flipping off some Trump supporters?)

Cooper encouraged out-of-state interests to boycott North Carolina because we believe men should be restricted to the men’s restroom and men’s locker room.

The sycophant media — and an incompetent NCGOPe — have played a big part in pushing Coop to the top of the dung heap.

We need to do our part to save our state and our country from further Cooper antics.