Team Pope euthanizes The Plott Hound

Caving in to the hysterical demands of North Carolina politics’ very own Bert & Ernie is akin to admitting to the world that celebrity aerobics guru Richard Simmons kicked your ass. 

But that is what has happened.  The empire of alleged conservative godfather Art Pope has tucked tail and run off into the night submissively in response to over-the-top attacks from Goodmon family empire attack dogs Rob Schofield and Chris Fitzsimon.

Here’s ex-Marine Francis DeLuca, boss at The Civitas Institute, a Pope empire subsidiary, waving the white flag and presenting his sword:

We regret that an error in judgment was made when Carolina Plott Hound shared a link to a blog post that suggested North Carolina Attorney General Josh Stein made certain decisions based on his ethnicity and religion. To be clear, Civitas condemns the use of identity politics and believes that assigning the motivations of individuals based upon their membership of a group violates a core conservative principle. As such, the sentiments expressed in the blog post do not reflect our values nor the values of our sponsors and supporters. Neither I nor the organization share these sentiments. We condemn all racism, anti-religious speech and ethnic slurs.

Furthermore, we have reviewed the Carolina Plott Hound website and concluded that it does not fit into the overall Civitas mission to remove government barriers to freedom so that all North Carolinians can enjoy a better life. The site will no longer be operated by Civitas.

So, they’re killing off The Plott Hound because Bert and Ernie got upset?  M-kay.  As you can imagine, I have a few thoughts about this.  Here we go:

  1.  Attention Pope Empire employees:  Neither John Hood, Francis DeLuca nor Art Pope will have your back when the excrement hits the fan.  This episode ought to make that crystal-clear.  DeLuca’s first impulse when Toilet Boy caught up with him was to throw a Civitas employee under the bus.  (The buck doesn’t stop here.  It stops OVER THERE.)
  2. Everbody you disagree with is NOT (necessarily) Hitler.  Chris and Rob (and Toilet Boy) really over-reached in trying to paint the guy at Triad Conservative as the second coming of David Duke or even Hitler.  I’ve been following his work for a while.  (Granted, I didn’t read the post in question until Rob started howling about it.) I’m sure the guy at TC would like to have a mulligan regarding this particular post.  TC is hardly Klan propaganda (like the N&O was in its early days). Taking his whole body of work into consideration, he’s written some pretty interesting and provocative stuff.  The nice thing about the Internet is that you can debate people and respond to people in real time.  You can bounce competing ideas unfiltered off of each other.  Authoritarians on the left want to stomp out any ideas that go against their platform. But conservatives and other freedom-lovers ought to be championing the free exchange of ideas.  Not cowering in fear of the howling leftist mob.  

    On this site, we welcome debate from leftists.  Our minimum expectations from them: (1) no cursing, (2) stay on topic, (3) try to be coherent and make sense, and (4) no slander.  It’s rare that we find a leftist whose contributions meet all four of those standards.

  3. The Plott Hound has been a botched, lost opportunity.  A clearinghouse for North Carolina-centric conservative info and commentary was much needed.  Our community’s presence online is dwindling.  Paul Chesser did a great job with the site in the early days.  But, John Hood — Felix Unger meets Frasier Crane — had to stick his pointy nose into the situation.  John worries way too much about getting invited to Chris Fitzsimon and Dennis Wicker’s parties.  (I’ve never been to a Raleigh cocktail party.  Don’t really want to go.  Besides, we have way more fun down here in Pinehurst.)

    Hood is like the angel of death.  He’s the skunk at the garden party.  His meddling got the ball rolling in The Plott Hound’s decline and fall.  He’s reportedly the main reason NC Spin is getting pulled off the air. He’s one of the few people I know of who has just as many people on the right who hate his guts as there are on the left who feel the same.  Want something ruined?  Call up John.

  4. You cannot cannot cannot please the howling leftist mob.   They want to taste conservative blood.  Soros has them on a tear nationwide and worldwide.  WRAL’s Goodmon clan has them worked into a lather here in the state.

    Instead of sitting back and letting them define us, we need to be making preemptive strikes against THEM. Illustrate to the not-as-political citizenry how dastardly and destructive these people truly are.  

It’s safe to say that the fall of The Plott Hound makes us the undisputed King of The Hill in the state’s conservative blogosphere.  And a ripe target for the leftist mob. I am sure the knives are being sharpened in preparation for an attack on this site.  (We already work way overtime, and at great personal expense,  combating hack attacks on the site.)  

I can promise you this:  We will not tuck tail and go away submissively like the guys at Pope, Inc. did.  If Chris, Rob, Toilet Boy, and their assorted goon accomplices try to launch on us, they will get one hell of an education on the concept of shock and awe. 


16 thoughts on “Team Pope euthanizes The Plott Hound

  1. Reports of the “death” of PlottHound may be a tad premature. For sure it will no longer be in any way connected to anything “Prince John” Hood has his well-manied fingers on, and that is a VERY good thing.

    I don’t “blame” Jim Goodmon’s toadies for their part. Destroy all vestiges of Repub/Conserv media is Crazy Ol’ Jim’s mission in life these days. That’s what Jim pays his toadies to do. The fault, as you note, lies with “Prince John”.

    More about foppish “Prince John” will be revealed in the days to come. Don’t be surprised to see PlottHound reappear “under new management” in the not-too-distant future.

    1. Lets hope the PlottHound will reappear. It is good to have the source of news rather than having to visit a lot of sites every day. I for one have never understood the venom for the likes of Drudge and the PH as they mainly just link to stories from the drive by’s anyway. Granted PH linked to blogs and other sources as well, but most was to the same media outlets that Scowly and Blinky frequent.

      1. Yes, I enjoyed the PH other than it’s evolution towards supporting the Jones Street money crowd, By the way, while the PH is still accessible (as of this evening), I noticed that sometime in the past week they’ve already de-linked the Triad Conservative. Wonder what TC did to deserve that.

      2. When your ultimate goal is to only have state-sponsored media, and state-sponsored healthcare, education, employment, and the only legal party being that of the state (and the only god being the state, as well), putting down the barking dogs like Drudge, PH, etc. becomes a means to and end. Burglars don’t like barking dogs, or armed victims.

    1. Haymaker may have more on this… Goodmon and Tom Campbell were childhood friends. Goodmon created NC Spin as “something for Campbell to do” back before Jim converted to Radical Liberalism. ….

      “Sources say” he’s pulling the plug because (1) it is a $$$ loser with production costs far exceeding revenues… and (2) Goodmon is sick of seeing swarmy “Prince John” Hood on HIS TV STATION. … apparently EVERYONE is tired of John Hood.

  2. I think you are right that this is another of many John Hood blunders. He is by nature a surrender monkey (remember HB2?), and while he may have great intellectual prowess regarding dead 18th century political philosophers, he is dumb as a brick when it comes to modern practical politics.

    When the left draws blood with an attack as asinine as this one, it will just encourage more such attacks. This was a really, really dumb move to close the Plott Hound.. It would appear that Art Pope has delegated way too much oversight to John Hood. Of his top people, Francis DeLuca has a lot more political smarts than Hood. Hood keeps getting pulled in to one leftwing policy crusade after another, while thinking he is a conservative. I don’t think Hood is smart enough in politics to see that they are playing him. In his own mind, all of this liberal crap is conservative. Art needs someone running his show whose focus is the 21st century, not the 18th century. Art can and should make Civitas great again.

  3. The entire Locke Foundation is moribund. Collectively all of Locke has lost it’s vitality. It needs to go away completely. It has done nothing for a decade but hoover up donor cash that could be going to fresher and more productive efforts.

  4. Ever since daily haymaker was not linked on plott hound my antennas went up on why this was happening. Keep up the good work and look forward for more on this issue and other issues in future

  5. The way John Hood caves in to bullies, it makes you wonder if he was always losing his lunch money to bullies in elementary school. Hood needs to grow a backbone, as at present he seems to lack a full set of vertebrae. It is the same in politics as it was in elementary school. If you cave in to bullies, all you do is cause more bullying behavior.

  6. I hope someone will take over operation of the Plotthound. It doesn’t seem that the link to one bad blog post on a site that posts thousands of links over times should result in the death sentence. I have found the site invaluable over the last few years and I hope it will go forward under new management.

  7. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being of the Jewish faith and holding a public office. The irony is that Blinky, Scowley, Colon, and even Stein would probably be very enthusiastic about pulling down statues and other memorials to the first member of the Jewish faith to hold cabinet rank, and first Attorney General of the Jewish faith on this side of the Atlantic. His name was Judah P. Benjamin and he served as Attorney General in the cabinet of President Jefferson Davis of the Confederate States of America. Benjamin served in the cabinet of President Davis throughout his presidency, shifting roles from Secretary of State to Attorney General to Secretary of War. Rather than live under northern occupation, after the War Between the States, Benjamin went into exile in the UK.

    Josh Stein came out of the closet last week as a fan of pulling down historic statues, and Attorney General Judah P. Benjamin would almost certainly be on his list.

    The Triad Conservative and the Plott Hound did nothing wrong to justify the leftist jihad against them.

  8. Please keep exposing these corrupt bastard politicians that actually believe they have been ordered by God to corrupt, steal, lie and deny the truth and to steal from taxpayers. They cannot stand to be embarrassed or exposed to what they actually are….

  9. The impotent Civitas Inst. has fired another blank. IMHO- AG Stein is not Jewish. He is a secular fundamentalist who mocks everything sacred in this nation. Stein,Cooper & the democrat party are the pathetic creatures who have gained power by joining with fake republicans in their lust for cash. This is why Trump won . The Plott Hound went off scent (I read the link) and the Haymaker is right-PH could have been given a do-over. Civitas should have pointed out that after 100’s of years as slaves the Jews never used their suffering to advance victimhood. America’s founding is rooted in the Hebrew Bible, many founders spoke Hebrew and their attitudes toward religion and ethics derive from it. In a country of over 300 million where perhaps 2-3 million identify as Jewish and you put all 2-3 mill of them in a stadium and asked them what do you agree on? The answer might be that Hitler was a bad man. There is NO American Jewish Community. Zero. Jews are not smarter then anyone else. God is. Our founders knew that:IN GOD WE TRUST. Thousands of Southern Jews (not the evil pathological secular fundamentalist type) fought & died for the Confederacy. The Hebrew Confederate Cemetery in Va. is the only Jewish military cemetery in the world outside of Israel. It was created by Jew hatred. The 2 Confederate military cemeteries didn’t want ” Jewish Boys” in their cemeteries. The Jewish soldiers came from the south including North Carolina. But whose complaining? BTW- The pilgrims celebrated Thanksgiving as a day parallel to the Jewish Day of Atonement. President Trump (the grandfather of Jewish children) has accomplished many things. Most significantly we don’t hear from Her,BHO or Al Sharpton anymore.

  10. Let’s be clear about something here- There is no denying that WRAL and McClatchey corned the media markets in the Old North State. The only counter-balance to those two socialist puttytat-hat wearing Democratic blowhards came from the Plotthound, Haymaker, American Lens, Beaufort Observer, and a smattering of other good ‘counter-punchers’ in the state (Bob Lee, Agent Peirce and others). All of them combined do not match the influence of CO or the N&O. That being said, like them or not, Civitas and the Pope groups have done good work over the years, but this is not their finest hour and they deserve to be raked across the coals for this weak-kneed moment. We need more, not fewer outlets to balance the leftist propaganda machines (are you listening Goodman??) With luck, the N&O will be out of business in another year or two, but not before they land a few more devastating blows to the truth about the Democrats dismal history, the Economy, and our divine providence as a nation.

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