Take Two ! (Let’s try this thing, again … )

twoWell, we thought we were home for good last time.  But, complications from my recent surgery sent me back into the hospital for a little more work.  Everyone involved seems to think we have fixed the outstanding issues — for now.

Let’s look a little bit at some of what we missed during our extended “vacation”:

  • Budget Time:  Judging from what I’ve seen in the media, and in my inbox, shenanigans were in motion big time. Preach conservatism, but spend through your nose. The solar snake-oil types are still on the government teat. The Hollywood crowd is still on the government teat.  The honorables are even buying freezers for convenience stores so they can sell fresh vegetables. *Great.*I’ve been in convenience stores across North Carolina that look not too different from the zombie hideouts in The Walking Dead.  I’ve seen stores with holes in the wall exposing them to the elements outside, and I’ve seen trailer-park children climbing inside some of the very kind of freezers the honorables hope vegetables will be sold from.  *Yummy.*
  • Leading from the Middle: That, apparently, is the new marketing slogan for House Republicans.  Mr. Orwell would have been so proud of that one. How do you lead ANYTHING or ANYONE from the middle of the pack? grow a pair

  • Donor revolt? :  At least two major donors to the NCGOP have announced they are redirecting their contributions to Americans For Prosperity and state Rep. Chris Millis — apparently, the only entities left in Raleigh still willing to fight the good fight for limited government.
  •  Craig Collins on the record:  The establishment favorite for NCGOP chairman took some rather interesting questions from conservatives in Caldwell County.
  • Going off the “deep end” for Christianity: Our failing local paper here in yellow-dog Republican Moore County (owned by the folks who used to run the N&O) is at it again:

    What is it about county commissioners and religion? Since they’re civil officers, one might assume they would confine themselves to secular matters. But not so. Every time you turn around, another commissioner in another North Carolina county is causing controversy by jumping unwisely into churchly issues.

    Just last fall, our own Moore County Board of Commissioners — at least some of whose members were clearly acting on their own fundamentalist convictions — voted to support the effort to overturn a federal court’s recent ruling striking down North Carolina’s same-sex marriage ban.

    At that same meeting, outgoing Commissioner Jimmy Melton raised some eyebrows when he said that what made his board service so enjoyable was serving “with the right people, Christian people.” The others, apparently, were less of a pleasure to be around.

    Rowan, Then Lincoln

    More recently, a federal court ruled that the commissioners over in Rowan County had violated the U.S. Constitution by consistently holding prayers specific to one religion — which was, of course, the Christian one.

    The idea behind such rulings is not that there is something wrong with prayer at a public meeting — as long as said prayers generally tend to be generic and nonsectarian in nature. It is only when the prayers constantly invoke the name of Jesus that they are considered to violate the First Amendment, which forbids Congress — and by extension, other public bodies — from taking actions “respecting an establishment of religion.”

    And now comes the latest and perhaps most egregious example of insensitivity and offensiveness from a county commissioner — this time one in Lincoln County. The board there, it seems, has also been holding Christian prayers to launch its meetings. Asked what he thought about the Rowan ruling, Commissioners Chairman Carrol Mitchem made it clear that no non-Christian prayers would be delivered as long as he was in charge.

    A Benighted Tirade

    “A Muslim?” he said. “He comes in here to say a prayer, I’m going to tell him to leave. I have no use for those people. They don’t need to be here praying to Allah or whoever the hell they pray to. I’m not going to listen to a Muslim pray.”

    For good (or worse) measure, he added: “We’re fighting Muslims every day. … They believe in a different God than I do. If that’s what they want to do, that’s fine. But they don’t need to be telling us, as Christians, what we need to be doing. They don’t need to be rubbing our faces in it.”

    In the first place, it is not clear that anyone said anything in favor of Muslim prayers — just ones that weren’t quite so blatantly and exclusively Christian in nature. Also, when Mr. Mitchem referred to “us, as Christians,” he seemed to think he was speaking for the entire county. But surely the population there includes quite a few Jews, Hindus, atheists — and maybe even a Druid or two — who are not comfortable being included in that narrowly defined “us.”

    A fellow commissioner, Alex Patton, took issue, saying: “I am a Christian, but I do not agree with Commissioner Mitchem. Our country was founded on freedom of religion.”

    Exactly. Jesus preached understanding and tolerance. He would be embarrassed by such a benighted and bigoted tirade.

13 thoughts on “Take Two ! (Let’s try this thing, again … )

  1. Whew. Good to have you back, again. But, take it easy. Even the baddest Tomcat needs some rest, occasionally.

  2. Your absence was a cause for concern. We are glad you are back, and hope things are 100% for you now.

    That ”leading from the middle” garbage reminds me of one of Senator Helms favorite sayings, that ”the only things you find in the middle of the road are yellow stripes and dead skunks”. I guess you could add special interest suckweasels these days. I think it is going to be a target rich environment for conservative challengers in GOP primaries next year. Lets get some good candidates out there.

  3. I am glad you are back the the link to Mr. Collin’s answer the Salary Question has made my blood boil. and what I am posting here I posted basically that same thing on his Facebook page. Does the person Ducking and Covering answering this question look like the leader the Republican Party needs going into 2016.

    The Salary issue has nothing to do with Mr. Collin’s opponent. This is the Republican party and we fight for smaller government and fiscal conservatism. We want our government to tax us less and spend the money they take from us as wisely as possible . So we only ask the same from this party

    This issue with the Chairman’s Salary is the under the party plan of organization the Central committee is authorized to hire and pay a Executive Director not a Chairman and this is a good system

    So the chairman that have been paid have been paid using a loophole in the plan to form a separate committee to deal with fiscal issues that has as far as I know NO OVERSIGHT. Certainly the State Executive Committee who the central committee and chairman work for when passing the yearly budget only get a salary budget line item for all the workers combined. This is not acceptable

    The Republican party is a grass-root volunteer organization and the highest elected position in the party is the Chairman and this Chairman needs to be Volunteer to lead the other Volunteers in this state and to recruit more.

  4. Relieved and delighted to see some fresh, juicy Haymaker articles!

    Glad the docs fixed your “outstanding issues,” too.

    So, do we have to call you “Brandy,” from now on, instead of “Brant”? //

    (*ducks and covers*)

    1. Why doesn’t he just answer the questions?

      Well he answered the question like my business communication teachers tried to teach me some 20 years ago… and that is to never give someone a real answer and to never say you are wrong…. He is a trained lawyer and no offense to lawyers cause my sibling is now one but they are taught the duck and run and that is what it seems like he is doing. Answer the question to get out of the room and then move on

      This would have been fine if their had not been for the video. He called me a week or so ago and we had a nice chat so I have to give him credit for that but in my personal opinion to why not answer the question straight out is because the current way the party pays the chairman is kind of shady. If he answered the question straight then he would have to bring light to the issue and when that happens then it would only show that paying the chairman probably goes against the values that republicans fight for of being fiscal conservative and wanting a smaller government and remembering the republican party is a volunteer organization

      I asked him if he would tell the executive committee his salary if he became chairman and he said a very similar answer in the video that he would have to look into it more or he would consider it…. yada yada yada deflect deflect just like kids in business school are taught to answer

      but yea if he wanted/needed $1000 a month or $10,000 a month he should be willing to give some sort of number…. that is why reform needs to happen on the plan of organization side and why I want the plan amended to make it clear we need a Volunteer Chairman and Volunteer Vice Chair

  5. Glad you are back!

    Someone better grab the BBQ sauce. Raleigh will be serving us pork by the millions shortly.

  6. Patrick, I agree. To me, it was more about him not being direct in answering and passive aggressively attacking his opponent. I can’t stand being talked to like I’m stupid, either. I also find it atrocious that salary is done in secret. You want my money???? Then I want to know where it is going.

    1. Thanks Lynette and if you look at my reply above to Kelly Tracy that will basically sum up what I wanted to share with you also

      Lets be honest I do not know what opponent he is talking about but if he is talking about Hasan Harnett I can pretty honestly say that I was probably the first person that brought the salary issue to light to him. THAT BEING SAID I am about 100% certain that Harnett was not is not in the race at any point to get paid it seem from the start he got in the race because he felt like he can help the party move forward. This is the type of person we need for Chairman someone that is out for the party and not for themselves

      I am not attacking Craig Collins on salary I am fighting for change in the party on principal… this issue is bigger then this chairman’s race. I want to remove this issue from all future chairman’s race… just to make that clear…. I had a conversation with Fetzer at the convention before he was elected about the same issue…

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