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(Wait for it. WAAAAAAAAIT FOR IT.) “Um, discrimi-racism !!!”

The meek, bashful soft-spoken Ann Coulter has a great piece out on how leftists LOVE to use blacks as “props” in their performance theater aimed at defending and expanding their agenda. *Voter ID is not about securing the integrity of our elections process.  It’s RAAAAAAAACISM….

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A drive-by speaks up on Voucher judge’s drive-by jurisprudence

I got a private message over the weekend from a drive-by media personality who works for one of the better-known media outlets in the eastern part of North Carolina.  He wanted to discuss my post on Judge Hobgood’s godawful ruling on school choice vouchers.   This…

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Judge’s voucher ruling helps statists tighten their grip on our kids

I am still shaking my head in disbelief at Judge Hobgood’s ruling that school vouchers are “unconstitutional.”  It was more disheartening and appalling to see photos and footage of lefty activists jumping up and down, hugging, and crying tears of joy in reaction to the…