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The ABCs of campaign signs

  It’s local election time in many communities across the Carolinas.  The campaign signs are slowly starting to slowly litter the landscape once again.  The debate continues to rage about the usefulness / wisdom of deploying these things.  Putting 20 in a row along the…

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The NC State Bar: Peddling liberal crap, suffering constitutional amnesia, abetting societal decline

The legal profession’s establishment is ALL FOR The First Amendment if you are spewing liberal nonsense and offending the sensibilities of conservative, mainstream America.  Just try to do the same thing from a conservative perspective. Then, stand back and marvel at all of the ensuing…

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New State law on campaign signs

    In August, the state legislature enacted  a law which should have a significant impact on political campaigns and local efforts to police sign ordinances: Towns and municipalities no longer have jurisdiction over some campaign signs placed on their borders. In August, the N.C….