Surgeon General’s Warning: Excessive Tap-Dancing CAN make you cranky

I tuned in on YouTube this weekend to catch the waning days of NC Spin’s run on WRAL.  “Mr’Conservative” — John Hood was there, as usual, along with an old guy from The John Locke Foundation to carry our standard against “Blinkin’ Chris” and “Grandpa Tom.”

Things stayed relatively mundane — as usual — until it got to be lil’ John’s turn to tell us what he thought about the Alabama Senate race.  He has no clue about politics in THIS state, so I was interested to hear what he thought about the political terrain in a whole other state he also knows little about.

I held my breath in anticipation of the wisdom soon to be dripping from Professor Hood’s mouth, and then it came:

“When you have a president who is in the 30s in the polls,  your party’s in  trouble.  Also, don’t nominate creeps.”

Wow.  A double-whammy against Donald Trump AND Roy Moore — two guys who clearly don’t have Monsieur.Hood’s refinement, taste and passion for tap-dancing and tinkling on of the ivories.

First, the monster rallies Trump has had in Alabama — as late as last month — would not indicate 70 percent of the Alabama electorate hating the president.  Drive by polls keep trying to convince us that Trump is as hated here.  But I don’t see it. (And I get around.) 

Second, “creeps”?  I saw not one piece of evidence that ANY of the sex-related allegations against Moore were remotely true.  The guy is a decorated Vietnam vet who has put his life, his reputation, and his career on the line standing up for his beliefs.  Hood, on the other hand, who has never had a real job — is currently pulling down  six figures writing a few columns, appearing on a little-watched basic cable show, and riding around in a car-seat in the back of Uncle Art’s Bentley.  As far as Moore goes — there, but for the grace of God go you, John.  Or anyone else the left decides to smear.

Hood’s rump is still probably sore over his and Uncle Art’s friend Marco’s loss in the 2016 primaries.  But Trump is HERE.  As a result, the conservative agenda has seen more progress in DC since Ronnie and Nancy flew out of town.  I don’t think Hood’s hatred of Trump has any real ideological basis at all.  I believe the president triggers PTSD in lil’ John — evoking bad memories of those guys in high school who,laughed at his tap shoes. 


8 thoughts on “Surgeon General’s Warning: Excessive Tap-Dancing CAN make you cranky

  1. John Hood makes the term “pusillanimous pinhead” sound dirty.

    That there might be even ONE “lonely widow lady” somewhere still sending regular checks to ANYTHING “Little John” is involved in is a tragedy of epic proportions. If you know of one… STOP HER!

  2. I guess it is the elites’ thing to do to still “believe the polls.”

    Ya know, I don’t think Mark Levin was ever quite “NeverTrump,” but he wasn’t a fan during the campaign last year. He was a Cruz guy. But now he’s hammering away at the NeverTrump clowns who are still trying to prove some kind of point:

    “People are attacking this man who would be celebrating this man if his name was Jeb Bush … [Donald Trump] is advancing the cause of liberty. He’s not a Code Pink Republican. He’s not an isolationist. On the other hand, he’s not a radical interventionist of the Lindsey Graham sort.

    “You’ve got neo-conservatives out there, among others, who are unappreciative or appreciative only in passing. I just think there’s so many people in the pseudo-conservative media who are personally vested in Trump failing because they wrote so many columns, or made so many speeches, or attended so many panel events, or think tank events, or were on Fox, or whatever, so thoroughly and completely against him, even up to the point of the general election. They wanted him to lose. They said they did, they voted for the third-party guy … That for their own careers, their own egos, and their own mindset, they cannot give Trump a break, and they’re not going to. That’s why they need to be dismissed.”

  3. “But Trump is HERE. As a result, the conservative agenda has seen more progress in DC since Ronnie and Nancy flew out of town.”
    Wow! I had no idea that the conservative agenda was to add 1.5 trillion dollars to the already large deficit. I DID know that they want the bulk of any tax break to go to the top 1% with Trump thrown in there as well.

  4. “I would vote for Trump again tomorrow” rings in my ears everywhere I go. I cover some ground myself.

    Merry Christmas to all!

    Browny Douglas

  5. The Hood effect is to neuter conservative organizations and politicians and subvert them to leftist positions. A good example is Locke’s “Carolina Journal” publishing a column by Marc Rotterman supporting Thom Tillis’s illegal alien amnesty bill.This is the same bill that the Congressional Budget Office said would legalize 2 million illegal aliens, even without getting to the chain migration it would unleash, and cost taxpayers a net $26 billion. It is also the same bill that the 3rd Congressional District Republican Executive District Executive Committee denounced in a unanimous resolution

    We need to remember that Hood supported Gang of 8 member Marco Rubio for president.

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