Steve Jobs, Rest In Peace

I agree with the characterization of Steve Jobs as our generation’s Thomas Edison.  Like Edison, Jobs helped spawn revolutionary technology that has had a major effect on our society.

iPods and iTunes are pretty much responsible for changing the way we listen to music — and killing off the old fashioned record store. The iMac and the MacBook evolved from the graphic design / art niche to credibly challenge Windows PCs for the business and home markets.  The Ipad and the App Store are revolutionizing the publishing business and dramatically changing the way media is distributed to consumers. The iPhone has cornered the cell phone market, spawning many attempts — and many failures — to replicate its success.

As an IT guy — I’ve spent many, many, many hours cursing the bugs and blue screens that accompany so much Microsoft software.  The quality, reliability, and simplicity of Apple products have helped turn those frowns upside-down.

Many in the business and media communities have turned their thoughts to whether Apple can hold its position as one of the world’s leading innovators in a post-Jobs world.  The man may be gone from this Earth, but Steve Jobs has left behind an incredible legacy of innovation and a lasting impact on our society.