State Employees Association endorses folks on both sides of aisle in 2020



The State Employees Association of North Carolina long had the reputation as a mouthpiece for Democrats. But lately, they’ve been throwing some love over to the right side of the aisle.


At the beginning of the year, they endorsed Dale Folwell for reelection as treasurer. Their latest GOP moves include endorsements of Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler’s reelection, and the election of Catherine Truitt as Superintendent of the Department of Public Instruction. 


Democrat endorsements include Yvonne Holley for Lt. Governor,  Elaine Marshall for Secretary of State, and Beth Wood for Auditor.

3 thoughts on “State Employees Association endorses folks on both sides of aisle in 2020

  1. This reminds me of the Charlotte Observer who endorse republicans they know are going to win and then
    brags about being by-partisan. Gag.

  2. I guess there is no need to endorse Forest as state employee and local government employees have yet to be affected by COVID reductions in labor. When their customers cease borrowing and depositing perhaps they will look at Cooper in a different light.

  3. I had never bothered talking to them before the 2018 election, because I figured it wouldn’t get me anywhere. I only talked to them for 2018 because some fellow Republicans told me I should. As I figured, they endorsed my opponent. So, even though I stood up for giving them at least at least a 1% increase for retired State employees, as well as supporting raises for those still working for the State, I figured there was no point in answering their call for an interview this time either. I have won four elections without their endorsement, and while being outfunded an average if 8-1 each time. I may not win this time, but it won’t be for lack of their endorsement if I lose. It would have more to do with RINO’s in Cabarrus County supporting the Democrat if it happens. But that’s okay. I have done what I have done for State employees and retirees because I felt it was the right thing to do, not to get the organization’s endorsement.

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