SLAP a teacher ?????


I had thought stuff like this had already caused tik tok to hit rock-bottom.  I’m ashamed that I know about tik tok.  It’s all the rage with the nation’s under-21 crowd.  Your kids and grandkids may already be big fans.  Tik Tok was developed and is owned by significant Red Chinese cash. I’m convinced this is the latest phase of the Chi-Com  master plan to destroy American culture.  (Tik Tok also encouraged the kids in their audience to tell their dads to ‘Shut Up’ and then post the ensuing action on social media.)

I’ve now learned there is no “rock-bottom.”   You can always fall lower, like the kids in this article:

LUMBERTON — Two Lumberton Junior High School students have been suspended after slapping a substitute teacher on Thursday, according to the Public Schools of Robeson County’s chief communications officer.

Two seventh-graders slapped a teacher as part of the TikTok “Slap a Teacher” challenge, said Gordon Burnette, PSRC’s chief communications officer. The suspensions will last for 10 days.

TikTok is a social media sharing site in which users share videos often synchronized to music. Recently, trends such as “Slap a Teacher” have circulated within the social media platform. The trend encourages students to slap a teacher throughout the month of October.

“Lumberton Junior High School administrators have reported that disciplinary action has been taken against the students involved and they were removed from campus. The Public Schools of Robeson County plan to petition the courts for assault charges to be filed against the students as well,” Burnette said

The incident took place when one student slapped a substitute teacher and the other student followed suit, according to Burnette.

“Once our school district was made aware of students potentially participating in these reckless ‘Tik Tok Challenges’, we were very clear that these actions were not going to be tolerated and that there would be consequences for students that choose to engage in this behavior,” Burnette said.

“Our priority continues to be our students, but we also have an obligation to our teachers and staff members to provide them with a working environment that is safe. Any student who physically assaults a staff member will be held responsible both legally and by board policy,” he added.

The school district released a statement Tuesday warning students that they would face assault charges if they participate in the trend.

“If this does occur in our school district, it will be treated as an assault and the proper authorities will be notified to charge the student. We also want our teachers and staff to know they have the right to defend themselves if something were to happen to them,” he told The Robesonian in a prepared statement released on Tuesday. […]