Running the 13th district. Running FOR the 2nd. (Got it?)

I’ve heard from a number of GOP activists in the new 13th district who were a bit confused by a recent mailer they received announcing their congressional district convention.  The return address on the envelope featured the name Zan Bunn — IDed as 13th district chairman —  and a Cary mailing address.

Cary is not in the 13th congressional district. (Portions of Wake County are included in the new 2nd district.)   Reports on this site, and from other sources, indicate that someone named Zan Bunn is running for the 2nd congressional district chairmanship. (Could there be TWO?) 

How is it allowable / acceptable / proper for someone who no longer lives in the district nor knows the leaders there to preside over said district?   (Welcome to the era of making-it-all-up-as-you-go.) 


4 thoughts on “Running the 13th district. Running FOR the 2nd. (Got it?)

    1. That should have happened at the Presidential year district conventions, as it did the last time the party had Congressional redistricting smack in the middle of officers terms. That was the perfect time to realign the district organizations. There was no way the old district committees could function to help congressional candidates in the election without realigning the party structure to the new districts. This was all just a power play by those holding the district chairmanships. Personal power trips won out over having a party structure that could help candidates.

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