‘Round Rev’ giving ‘Black-face’ Northam a PASS ?


To those of you who try to argue that Bill Barber is more than just a ‘Stepin’  Fetchit’ -style mouthpiece for George Soros, Wayne Goodwin and the boys, get a load of this:

Seriously?  Is he shrugging off Virginia Governor  Ralph Northam’s (D) admission that he posed as either a Klansman or or in black-face?  And would he do the same if Northam had an (R) instead of a (D) next to his name?  (Answer: Hell, NO.)

Folks like Barber use their skin tone like a weapon.  Disagree with them?  (Racist !!!!)  Say something or advocate something that conflicts with their agenda?  (Racist !!!!)

Not exactly the whole “content of their character” thing MLK spoke about.