Richard Burr can’t disappear off the radar fast enough.


I swear.  Our two US senators are in a neck-and-neck race to the bottom.  Richard Burr knows he’s not running again — or is at least safe for another three years.  So, he’s saying and doing stupid things at break-neck speed — hoping that the voters will be too distracted by the mess his twin brother Thom is making.


Burr wants to slap new taxes on athletes who accept scholarships to attend college and play sports:


Sen. Richard Burr on Thursday criticized the NCAA for its recent announcement that it would open the door to allowing college athletes to profit off their name, image and likeness — and defended himself against “ignorant” critics.


Burr, a North Carolina Republican who played defensive back at Wake Forest in the 1970s, created an online firestorm earlier this week when he said he’d bring forth legislation taxing the value of scholarships if players were to “cash in.”


“If college athletes are going to make money off their likenesses while in school, their scholarships should be treated like income. I’ll be introducing legislation that subjects scholarships given to athletes who choose to “cash in” to income taxes,” Burr tweeted on Oct. 29, attracting more than 33,000 comments online, many of them blistering.

Burr played football at Wake Forest, so I am going to be generous and blame stuff like this on one too many blows to the head.  For example, in the ACC,  the pittance these athletes are given in scholarships is dwarfed by the gazillions the schools bring in on ticket sales,  concessions, souvenirs, TV rights and the like.  These schools are getting a pretty good bang for their buck.


I’d be mad as hell if people were making millions off of video games bearing my name and likeness, and I couldn’t get one cent from it.  Or if a tidy sum was being made selling replica jerseys with my name and number on it.


The athletes deserve a cut of stuff like that.  And that’s fine to tax THAT as income — because THAT is what it is.  But leave the scholarships alone.  The guys and gals who get those earn them every day with a whole lot of blood, sweat and tears.  They’re putting their bodies on the line to make a whole lot of money for their respective schools.  You give scholarships for talent in the classroom — and on the athletic field.  Burr’s babbling could open up a real Pandora’s box that could really screw over academic scholarship recipients.


What’s really sad?  DEMOCRATS are even attacking him for being too extreme and tax-happy here.


While Tricky Dick is fixated on THIS, the Democrats have hijacked the Senate committee he supposedly chairs and are using it to beat up our president.