Rev. Wright is OFF Limits, but where Romney goes to church is FAIR GAME

The stenographers at the Associated Press are pulling out all of the stops for their beleaguered hero at 1600 Penn.  Check out the headline: Poll: Few Think Romney’s Faith Resembles Their Own.

Really?  Why — in these trying economic times — is the mainstream media touting a polling question like THAT?  Probably because their guy Barry has done nothing that can be trumpeted with praise to the American people.  So, the only option left is to tear the Mittster down, and scare the hell out of the American people while you’re at it. 

Let’s travel back to 2008 when we first heard about Rev. Jeremiah Wright (pictured in this post’s featured article) and his parishioner of 20 years, Senator Barack Obama.  Remember those priceless sermons from Wright like THIS ?  (*SIGH*  What a sweet old man.) 

Let’s not forget Wright’s pale-faced sidekick Father Michael Phleger.  Barry Obama sat in the congregation for TWENTY YEARS each Sunday listening to these guys.  He told the media during the 2008 campaign that he never heard any of this type of stuff being preached.   And the media said: “OK, boss.”  The media began to browbeat ANY conservative / Republican who dared to criticize Wright.   And that was THAT.

Yet, we got videos of Sarah Palin attending Pentecostal services.  Now, we’re getting scare tactics about Mitt Romney and the Mormon Church.  These are the same people who still talk about how evil it was to hold JFK’s Catholicism against him.  

But if you have an R next to your name — we ARE going to talk about where you take a seat on Sunday morning.  Absolutely despicable.

(The AP seems to have NO concern about Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D)  — a practicing Mormon, himself.)

I’ll take Sarah Palin, Mitt Romney, and those nice clean cut coat and tie-clad guys riding bikes over the likes of Wright and Phleger ANY DAY.