Pull up a chair, kids. It’s HATE MAIL time !!!





We make a point of telling it like it is on this site.  And, quite often, that causes Earthlings of the leftist persuasion to become a little unhinged and show us some of that “compassion” and “tolerance” they’re always talking about.   The staff and I comb through some of the creepier emailed submissions to find some real gems to share with YOU, our loyal readers.

So, without further ado — let’s hear from today’s contestant “Ken”:

Are you fearful of comments and just don’t display the?? I’ve sent it again to see if you can gather the courage to post it.I stopped reading after this comment in you “article” – “ObamaCare is already driving up health care costs and choking off any hope of economic recovery. Just wait until it actually gets implemented by Barry Obama and his IRS stooges.”

You are a complete idiot. People like you should be forced to submit to serious mental health counseling and then shipped off to North Korea.

The 17th century North Carolina government, like you, rely on lies about the President’s health care plan and everything else that benefits the American people. North Carolina passed a law protecting us from Sharia law while passing bills that resemble Sharia standards and not a democratic society. Oh, and thank god they have protected us from nipples! The governor and the legislature are a pitiful excuse for modern leadership and are literally destroying a once great state. They are catering to people like you and the fat druggie rush rather than the citizens of this state. Have fun in Pyongyang.

You can’t make up stuff this good.  (He is accusing me of censorship.  He sent this in two times — six minutes apart.  I found both submissions in the spam folder.)