Planned Parenthood ENTITLED to NC tax money?

Planned Parenthood has filed suit over the recently passed state budget because it cut out funding by the state of North Carolina for their operations.  Planned Parenthood says in their filing that it is UNFAIR that they are not even getting a crack at our tax dollars.

Unbelievable.   Where in the state or U.S. Constitution does it say that Planned Parenthood, or any other person or entity, is entitled to payments from the government ad infinitum?

It all goes back to FDR’s New Deal and LBJ’s Great Society.  The government throws money at people, organizations, and problems, with very little thought about an endgame or exit strategy.  The recipients develop a dependency on this government money, a lot like the one alcoholics develop for their drinks or junkies develop for their crack.  You try to be responsible, and cut them off, and all hell breaks loose.  Their attitude is:  You gave me this, and now you have to KEEP giving it to me.   This endless cycle of handouts played a big part in getting our state and country into the financial mess it currently faces.

The people’s representatives in the state legislature made a decision, and the big boys and girls at Planned Parenthood need to just deal with it.  That’s democracy.

I  HOPE HOPE HOPE this case gets in front of a judge who laughs Planned Parenthood right out of the courthouse.   (But there are a heck of a  lot of Obama and Clinton appointees trolling around out there .  So, sanity and rational thinking are not a guarantee. )