Peace, Love & Granola at the NC Democrat convention







Rob Christensen has been SO concerned lately about a “hard right”  turn in the NCGOP.

There were no public reports of crotch-punching at the recently completed state Democrat convention.  But it does appear that the Chapel Hill-Carrboro crowd pretty much had their way at the event:

At its convention last weekend, the state Democratic Party endorsed 77 resolutions – many of them aligned with party policy positions, but more than a few on the partisan fringes, such as advocating for the legalization of marijuana, a single-payer health care system and the repeal of a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage.

Put simply: Enough fodder to keep Democratic political critics well fed. Republican Pat McCrory ran into trouble when he supported a state GOP resolution opposing Agenda 21. And while Democratic gubernatorial nominee Walter Dalton didn’t go out of his way to endorse any of the resolutions, he’s likely to face some questions.

One resolution calls on Gov. Bev Perdue to grant pardons to the Wilmington 10 – a move her office has yet to act upon weeks after the pardon papers were filed – and another opposes fracking, a bill headed to the governor’s desk.

Among the others:

• The abandonment of nuclear energy as part of the U.S. energy policy.

• A request to President Barack Obama and the state’s U.S. senators to “bring war dollars home.”

• A ban on puppy mills in North Carolina.

• To abolish the death penalty.

• A demand for collective bargaining rights for workers.

• To oppose state-level immigration reforms, and to urge Congress to make the issue a top priority.

• To support the creation of a Cabinet-level Department of Peace and Nonviolence.

• To have public campaign financing for all races, instead of private campaign contributions.

The only resolution that didn’t pass: a controversial document calling for “just peace in the Middle East.” It included criticism of Israel and condemned U.S. aid for the country, and asked N.C. federal lawmakers to speak out on the issue. The resolution was tabled and referred to the state party’s Executive Committee.

(Yep. * Sounds like  real mainstream kind of crowd* … )

 I’m waiting for that avalanche of op-eds from the mainstream media talking about the extreme leftward swing of the Democrat Party.  (Should I hold my breath?) 

2 thoughts on “Peace, Love & Granola at the NC Democrat convention

  1. “Should I hold my breath?” I suspect we should all take a deep breath and enjoy the cricket chirps.

    As a native North Carolinian I can remember when we, and all southern states, were controlled by one party. This phenomenon can be attributed to history. My grandparents were Democrats. They were also ardent constitutionalists, pro business, small government, liberty minded patriots.

    A lot of people tell me that they cannot leave the Democrat Party because their ancestors would roll over in their graves. I think it is more likely that their ancestors would roll over in their graves knowing their party had transformed itself into what was on display at the latest N.C. Convention of Democrats.

  2. What’s wrong with Nuclear Energy?

    As far as I’m aware, not a single death in the United States has happened because of nuclear energy. It is far cleaner and much cheaper than other energy, even alleged “green” energy.

    The only drawback is the fuel rods and they are working on ways to limit that to a non-issue, if I understand correctly.

    If you want clean energy, Nuclear seems like a good solution.

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