Pat, you had ONE job …


Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it?  Use up to ten minutes to give personal testimony and to introduce Lt. Governor Mark Robinson this week to a crowd of pastors.  But — like he often did during his one term as governor — Pat McCrory failed to get a simple task right.  Ol’ Pat gave a full-blown campaign speech instead — with Robinson sitting on the front row looking at him.  (McCrory, in case you didn’t know, is running for the GOP nomination for US Senate.)

Needless to say, the assembled pastors were not pleased.  Here’s some video where one of the meeting coordinators had some heated words with McCrory. The organizers wanted McCrory to stick to what he promised, or get off the stage.

On the video, you can see and hear the organizer approach Pat and tell him, while pointing at Robinson: “They’re here to hear him speak.”

And here is some commentary from a source sitting very close to the action:

These conferences are held all over the state and the country  to encourage pastors to get involved in politics without sacrificing their commitment to the gospel.   Mark Robinson is the featured speaker at each one.  Mark Walker and Ted Budd have introduced him at more than one. Each time, they have given a short personal testimony of faith, not a campaign speech, and then introduced Robinson.   

McCrory was in full campaign mode.    He gave a “me-me-me” campaign speech, and that upset folks.  The “I love God” statement from McCrory was especially cringeworthy.   It’s always about Pat, no matter the audience.