Pat McCrory, sore loser


Our former governor — fresh off of spectularly losing a US Senate primary — has gone off and done what you’d expect.  He’s back on Meet The Press — poor-mouthing the victor in that race and trashing the constituents he was attempting to represent in DC:

Former Republican N.C. Gov. Pat McCrory talked about the role guns play in Republican Party politics, recalling that he lost the recent Senate primary to Ted Budd, a candidate who “had a gun in his front trousers… in every TV ad.”

“I lost a primary two weeks ago to a congressman who had a gun in his front trousers in a commercial in every TV ad,” McCrory said. “That was a more powerful message to the constituency voting in that primary. He was tougher; I was weaker… It’s symbolism.”

Yeah, he’s weak.  No argument from us on that point.  According to Pat,  we’re so stupid that we voted for Ted Budd because of the gun in his waistband.  I believe the Trump endorsement did more good for Budd than anything.  Pat — like the political maestro he thinks he is — is on record bad-mouthing Trump.

If you watch the video linked to this article,  you’ll hear Pat sounding like he’s buying into this “we gotta do something about them guns” line that the media and Democrats (and Tilli$$$) are foisting on us.

Oh, and you’ve got to love this no-so-subtle shot at Budd:

[…] “My record of accomplishment is more substantial.” […]

So,  THAT is why he lost the governor’s mansion in a year that Republicans were winning just about everything else in North Carolina. If I recall correctly, he was the ONLY incumbent governor to lose that year.

I guess that’s why his city was torn to pieces by riots during his tenure on Hillsborough Street.  (I can’t quite remember a period in my lifetime when Charlotte was a particularly safe place.)