Open up and say ‘Aaah.’ (You’ll TAKE your Romney and LIKE IT)




The country is amid an economic mess.  BarryO has approval ratings worse than Satan’s.  The GOP COULD take this opportunity to present the country with a great case for free-market conservatism.  In business school, you are taught about how differentiation — clearly defining differences between your offerings and those of your competitor — is the key to success.

Attacking someone for being a successful businessman — like Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry did — or championing gun control, anti-global warming rules, gay rights, and tax increases on the rich — like Mitt Romney has — is right out of The Left’s playbook.

The GOP establishment is having a conniption over the recent electoral success of former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.  They tell us that we are making a BIG mistake by listening to anyone other than Romney.  They tell us HE — Romney —  is the most ‘electable.’    Rush had the perfect response to that spin:

From the get-go, the reason to support Romney is that he’s the guy that can beat Obama.  Mitt Romney is 9-16 in his electoral career.  He’s nine out of 25.  That’s Mr. Electability?  I don’t understand.  I just think the process is gonna take care of itself.  It’s designed to be long and drawn out so that all the flaws and the positive elements of people finally end up being fully on display with as few questions as possible.  Romney could still end up being the conservative nominee himself if he gets it.

Being electable means you win quite often.  So far in campaign 2012, Mitt is 1-2.  Like Rush, I think it’s great that we can drag the primary season out and have a national discussion about conservatism.  A long primary fight with Hillary sure didn’t hurt Barry in 2008.

Rush is also right about Newt Gingrich being a ‘vessel’ — a symbol of the type of passion Republicans are seeking in their candidate.  Instead of  beating Newt over the head about his compliance with House rules,  his marital history, and whether he supported Rockefeller or Goldwater in 1964 , let’s hear about his vision for the country and how he would approach fixing Barry’s mess.  Instead of worrying about how much Mitt gave his church, let’s hear about where he thinks Barry went wrong, and what he — Mitt — would do to fix it.

The campaign so far has featured candidates beating up each other, and their high-profile supporters insulting the voters.  If this keeps up,  the GOP will go into the general election with an even angrier, more bitterly-divided base.  The party and its candidates need to train their fire on Barry and his minions, not on OTHER Republicans.

The people are angry at Barry and ready to  toss him out.  The consultants are encouraging candidates to give voters a reason to NOT vote for someone.  Instead, the Republicans need to give us a candidate and a message to rally behind as we head into battle against Barry.   Our country is in serious trouble.  We need a serious leader with serious ideas about leading us out of it.