Oh, goody. Some hate mail from the Occupy Wall Street crowd …








Today, I had the rare treat of hearing from one of the intellectual giants in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  He was responding to my recent post on the proposed ‘Occupy Broad Street’ gathering in Southern Pines scheduled for November 19 (but recently rescheduled for December 10).   I thought about posting it with the rest of the comments, but his rant is such a priceless gem I am devoting a whole post to it.  The following is the full text of this guy’s rant  unedited (except for some sanitizing of his profane language):

Dear ignorant southern hillbilly,
The “mess” that is being protested is 1% of the population owning 40% of the country’s assets. Thank god no one actually reads your s—-y column outside of your poor little town. A word of advice. Stop mindlessly following the words of your idols like Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh. They are part of this 1% and seek to keep you subservient. Since you are such an ignorant little b—h, this has been quite easy for them. Congratulations on being so easily manipulated. I am not a “bored trust fun kid” by the way (one more reason old Billy boy is wrong). I am simply an educated mind. I am unsure whether or not you attended college, but I seem to have gained a much higher order of thinking than you.
An Educated Person
PS: Please write about this review in your next post. I would love to read more of your ignorance. I get kind of bored sometimes and can always use a good laugh =)

He identified himself as “Alexander” when he sent this through the website.  My webmaster tells me his email message came from the residence hall wi-fi network at The University of Buffalo in NEW YORK.  (So, apparently, SOMEBODY outside of my “poor little town” reads this blog.) So, it sounds like we are dealing with a pimple-faced 20 year old holed up in a dorm at U of B, angry at the world because he can’t get into a fraternity and the sorority girls won’t talk to him.  Well, thank goodness he takes time between his visits to porn web sites to check us out at The Daily Haymaker.  (Maybe we can teach him something.)

It’s only fair that I give dear, sweet “Alexander” a proper response:

Dear stupid, foul-mouthed Yankee:

Thank you for sharing your wisdom with me.  I don’t know how those of us below the Mason-Dixon Line could survive without guidance from people like you.  One word of advice: If you are going to question my intelligence, please take time to check your spelling and grammar  by utilizing spell-check, grammar-check or a dictionary. Incoherence and profanity are such a credibility-killer.

By the way, it’s trust f-u-n-d — NOT “trust fun.”  (You should have learned about those things in your business classes at U of B.)

I hope you can help me.  I can’t find ANY credible source   — one that is not affiliated with the Democrats, the professional left, George Soros, or your Occupy comrades —  for that claim of “one percent owning forty percent.”  Even if that is true — SO WHAT?  I am busy working hard to be as successful as I can — on a personal AND professional basis. What good does it do for me to get angry at someone else for having more than I do?  Most of the people in this ONE PERCENT you badmouth started out close to the bottom and worked hard to get to the top.  The wealthiest who didn’t — Hollywood types and hedge fund kingpins — are the same people who dump tons of money on BarryO and praise your smelly, foul street activities.  They’re on YOUR team.

Instead of trespassing on and trashing public property, work hard on making yourself the best you can be.  Instead of smoking dope, assaulting women, defecating in public, sitting in drum circles, rioting in fast food joints, listening to Kanye, and heckling working people,  go out and do something that improves your chances at a successful life.  Get out there and do something that actually improves the quality of life in your community for you and your neighbors. Stop crying about how hard life is, and how the rest of us “owe” you.

Life is pretty easy  when you’re in college.  You’re living off of Daddy’s money, or off the taxpayers with your grants and loans.  It’s pretty easy to blow off your student loan obligations. (Someone else will pay for that.)  You haven’t yet had to deal with the stress of grown-up life.  BarryO and his friends won’t look so great when you leave school and actually have to work for a living.I’ve seen plenty of evidence that — by working hard — you can be as successful as you want to be.

Washington IS screwed up.  We’ve got our work cut out for us.  We need to revamp the bureaucracy as well as toss out the career politicians. Capitalism does not need to be tossed out.  The shackles need to be removed so we can truly experience it.

Good luck with college, Alex.  Judging from your demeanor, your issues with spelling and grammar, and your lack of understanding about economics, you STILL have a lot of work to do.  Hopefully you can work with the faculty at U of B  to bring you up to speed so you can be a productive contributor to society when you graduate — six to eight years from now.

Again, thanks for writing.