Now, you can’t keep him OUT of court!

Only in politics can you be a miserable failure at your job, but get praised as a hero and PROMOTED.

Roy Cooper has spent the last sixteen years as our alleged legal counsel.  (The last four of those he spent running for governor.)  Despite achieving national publicity for overseeing an incompetent crime lab that screwed over countless crime victims and wrongly-convicted defendants, and failing to defend our state from a constant feces bombardment by a traveling circus of leftist sue-monkeys, Roy Cooper is moving into the big house on Blount Street tonight.

We tried over the last four years to pull him off the campaign trail and go into the courtroom and DO THE JOB HE WAS ELECTED TO DO. But The Rocky Mount lazy bastard™ wouldn’t budge.   *Campaigning is more fun than working.*

Now, with the help of the Jim Hunt political machine, Cooper is camped out in a Wake County courtroom trying to  undo some bureaucratic reforms passed by the duly elected General Assembly.  Cooper went judge-shopping and found himself one Judge Don Stephens — a loyal soldier to ol’ James B. Hunt himself.

Stephens was appointed to the Superior Court bench in 1984as Hunt was ending his first pair of gubernatorial terms.  

Stephens is starting his 33rd year on the bench.  (I remember him being on the bench when I was a driveby covering court cases around North Carolina in the mid-90s.  He was OLD then.)  

Stephens tends to be very prosecution-friendly in criminal cases.  But, when it comes to, um, “politically-sensitive” matters, he is a 100% loyal soldier to the Jim Hunt political machine. 

Here he is putting a halt to reforms of (1) selection of UNC governors, (2) the state board of elections, and (3) cabinet appointee confirmations, and (4) the state board of education.

THIS is why judicial elections matter.  Even at the district and Superior Court levels.  Stop relying on your lawyer friends to tell you who to vote for.  Most of them are Democrats anyway.  They’ll tell you who is best for their party.  (Or their practice.)

If someone can point to a specific passage in the state constitution that invalidates these moves by the General Assembly, then I’m fine.  But it is a dangerous time in our state and country when guys and gals in black robes are comfortable with making law from the bench based on their personal beliefs and biases. And activists with agendas can simply shop around to find a judge who will parrot their beliefs from the bench.

The judicial branch is not about making law.  It’s about ensuring that the other branches don’t step out of line with what our founding documents specifically say.

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  1. Stephens can do anything he wants to do on the bench. The law will make no difference. He can be a law unto himself. He can now be defacto governor and legislature. There is no Supreme Court to overrule anything he decides to do. We have the idiotic duo of Mark Martin and Bob Edmunds to thank for this state of affairs. Stupid Republicans are our own worst enemy. The Democrat Party should rename their annual fundraising dinner the “McCrory-Martin-Edmunds Dinner.” No kidding.

  2. Seeing Ol’ Roy in court will no longer be along the lines of a bigfoot sighting from now on. The only way to get his agenda will be to take everything to court. And now that we have been duped into electing Morgan to the SC there is little hope that the results will ever go the way of the state constitution.

    1. Doug, I remember when Cooper Spent a big amount of our states money trying to be sure the military retirees had to pay state taxes on their retirement pay. He ended up losing but still costing our state a lot
      of money.

  3. Time for the GA to grow a spine and the tell the Courts (Federal Courts included): GO TO HELL! (And that means not abiding by their Unconstitutional rulings, all of them..).

  4. Judges who try to legislate from the bench should be impeached and removed from office, both at the state and federal levels.

    Here we go with an example of why all the recent blunder with Supreme Court elections may come back to haunt us, those blunders being:
    1) the failure of the special session to add two seats to the Supreme Court
    2) the idiot advice of RINO consultant Paul Shumaker to leave the party affiliation off of the Supreme Court ballot for the last election
    3) the refusal of RINO David Lewis to amend the legislation to add the party affiliation of candidates for the last Supreme Court election when a GOP legislator called it to his attention that such amendment needed to be made

  5. Please. Please!! PLEASE!!! Can we PLEASE end the practice of having NON-PARTISAN elections???
    I worked in a county GOP office during the run-up to Nov 8th, and the single most often requested ballot assistance was “WHICH ONES ARE THE REPUBLICANS???” Which is exactly why we had pre-marked sample ballots available for voters to take to the polls. But putting Edmunds SECOND on the ballot was just bloody stoopid.

    1. Well, this may happen while Republicans are in power. If the demorats ever get back up there they will reverse it back to non-partisan because that is usually the only way to get many of their stealth candidates through against the wishes of the people.

  6. ..the useless bastard that concluded that party affiliation shouldn’t be on the NC supreme court ballot- should be bitch slapped and waterboarded

  7. You are all crazy. Mc Crory approved the “bathroom bill”, only took half of the Medicaid from the federal government for the poor, cut back on food stamps, and generally, was a terrible governor. Thank heaven we have Roy Cooper now. He is a decent man who has a law degree, was Attorney General for many years and did a good job. Now, stop whining and accept and welcome our new Governor who will do a good job.

    1. What a typical ignorant liberal. That is only temporarily ”federal” money for the Obamacare Medicaid expansion. It soon becomes state and local money too, and bloats our budget, requiring higher taxes. And the feds get the money the same place as the state; our back pockets.

      The welfare parasites are a burden on productive taxpayers. It is time to take a meatax to the welfare state, not expand it.

      I guess you like criminals going free due to the gross incompetence of Roy Cooper’s administration of the state crime lab? Maybe some of them were sex offenders who would be showing up in your restrooms and locker rooms if the bathroom bill falls. I am sure that would bring joy to your rotten liberal heart.

    2. “…who has a law degree,” Now that seals it. There are plenty of good, bad, and ugly with law degrees. “…was Attorney General for many years,” Well, he actually didn’t do such a good job. He did use the position to run for governor though.

      What planet does liberal logic originate? Good grief.

  8. The GOP/Conservative led Legislative body of NC has no complaints if it does not continue to pass any and all laws that go against our Country’s Constitution. They have displayed the habit of just throwing every piece of Conservative ideology against the wall to see if it sticks or not (Constitutionally). And Multiple Courts have agreed that many of these are Unconstitutional. NC taxpayers have spent tens of millions of dollars fighting these useless battles. As was said in the article, the courts are there to ensure that the other branches don’t step out of line with what our founding documents specifically say.

    1. What has the SCotUS shown as unconstitutional? I have yet to see anything NC has done declared so by them. You really cannot count the Barry O’ judges as they are not reading from the US Constitution, but more from things like Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.

      1. For example, Federal Courts found GOP drawn voting districts were racially gerrymandered. Have you not heard???
        Seems like your reading list is the one that is questionable.

        1. When those districts were drawn, the Voting Rights Act and the federal courts REQUIRED districts to be racially gerrymandered. Those districts were approved by the Obama ”Justice” Deparment’s Civil Rights Division.

          More recently, the partisan Democrat hacks who Obama appointed to the federal courts, particularly the radical 4th Circuit Court of Appeals, who are in reality ward healers in black robes, have decided that the racial gerrymandering they used to require is no longer politically beneficial to the Democrats, so they changed their position 180 degrees. It is all about partisan politics with these hacks, not the law or the Constitution.

          1. The Voting Rights Act, as interpreted by the Obama Justice Department, and until recently backed by the federal courts DID!

            In the last Congressional redistricting, Congressman Butterfield (D) objected to the legislature that his district was not racially gerrymandered enough to suit him and threatened to sue the state if it was not racially gerrymandered more. To avoid that lawsuit, the legislature did what he wanted. This was the way things worked until the Obama political hacks in the federal courts decided it was to their party’s partisan political advantage to scramble things once again and reverse themselves on that issue.

        2. Where has the SCOTUS actually determined unconstitutionality? I will give you a clue…has never happened.

  9. Unfortunately, thanks to Bob Edmunds, it’s our state courts we have to fear more so than the federal courts. He single-handedly gave his Supreme Court seat to radical liberal Mike Morgan.

    1. Lets not blame the victim. The blame should fall on the idiots who caused his loss. Idiot RINO consultant Paul Shumaker who pushed to keep party labeled off of the Supreme Court ballot and provided Edmunds with that disastrous advice, and idiot RINO legislator David Lewis, who as committee chairman offered legislation that left the party labels off of the Supreme Court ballot and refused the advice of a conservative legislator that the party labels needed to be put in for this election. Lewis’ response was that they could be added for the next election.

      1. This is truly the most puzzling situation here in recent NC history. It is usually the demorats who insist on non-partisan elections because they can never get elected into positions like judges, school boards, and county elections because people know their ideas are so bad. Having any Republicans promote this idea is only one of two things 1) an effort to hurt Edmunds or 2) stupidity. I am having a hard time deciding which applies in this case.

  10. Doug: Bob Edmunds did this to himself. He has no one to blame but himself. The retention law was good policy and would have also kept him on the bench. But he and Mark Martin went their own way, thus guaranteeing this disaster on the Supreme Court. Don’t shed any tears for Edmunds.

    1. I am not concerned for Edmunds, but the situation as a whole. Yes, the retention election outcome was puzzling and a self inflicted wound on them. But the way the Supreme Court election box was set up is just fishy as well. Every other race had the Republican first and demorat second. The SC box did not even list by something rational like alphabetical order either. It stinks of some entrenched board of elections administrator sliding that in to affect the election or some other type of shenanigan like I listed above.

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