NC’s “conservative revolution” rolls on: Tillis mulling taxpayer funds for Panther stadium renovation



Oh, the things you learn two days after the election. 

It appears that North Carolina state House  speaker  — and Richard Morgan protégé — Thom Tillis is ready to put state taxpayers on the hook for renovations to Bank of America Stadium in Charlotte — home  field to the outstanding, dominating Carolina Panthers of the NFL.  We are already in debt up to our eyeballs trying to pay back the Feds for those emergency unemployment funds.  What’s another $100 million or so for Charlotte and one of the worst teams in the NFL?   (I thought this was kinda the purpose for selling stadium naming rights.)

WHY would you even consider something like this — two days after Wilmington voters delivered a resounding HELL NO to a new stadium for a minor league baseball team? This sounds like little more than  a scheme aimed at helping a newly elected governor FROM CHARLOTTE as well as certain high-ranking legislator FROM THE CHARLOTTE AREA with ambitions of joining the U.S. Senate.

I hate to break it to Messrs. Hood and DeLuca in Raleigh, but this is not looking much like a “conservative revolution.”  It looks like just a new set of hands in our cookie jar.