#ncpol: Who wants to be the NEW Dallas ????


There is a posting on Indeed that tells you what you need to do.    Deadline for applying is May 17.  A new party chairman is being elected during the convention being held June 6-9.


The “job announcement” tells candidates they will  “work both in concert with and independently of the state Chairman as directed by the NCGOP Central Committee.”  


What was once basically an office manager role is now a tattle-tale /narc for the old bulls of the party who has no obligation to even listen to the person (the chairman)  supervising him or her on  a daily basis.  *Nice.*


The whole Dallas – Hasan and Dallas-Robin  dynamic worked so well for these people  — (except for that indictment thingie) –why not keep it going?


It appears they are basically codifying what Dallas did to cover Robin’s mooching do-nothing @$$ into a formal description for all future executive directors.  The ED gets many of the duties that have been left to the chairman for years.  Why even bother to elect a chairman, then?



I think that is what a lot of the Wake County country-clubbers who have been camped out in NCGOP HQ for decades are counting on.  They don’t want another grassroots uprising hitting them again.  They like their cronyism.  *They like keeping the dirty people from outside the beltline as far away as possible. *


If they get away with this,  it will be MISSION: ACCOMPLISHED.