#ncpol: Thom & Pat’s tholls to chase NASCAR across border to SC?

That, according to Charlotte area media reports, is starting to soundpayup like a real possibility:

[…] Several racing companies around Charlotte are taking a hard stance on a controversial toll lane project on Interstate 77, threatening to move if the North Carolina Department of Transportation doesn’t stop the project.

Racing is a $6 billion industry in North Carolina with much of its base just north of Charlotte.

Greg Wallace, with Rusty Wallace Incorporated, told Channel 9 many racing companies could move if a plan to put toll lanes on I-77 goes through.nascar

“There are costs involved with moving, and that’s not what they want to do, but if they can’t perform with regular business functions, they don’t have a choice,” said Wallace.

Many big names in motorsports have signed petitions to stop the project that would put toll-express lanes from uptown to Mooresville, but that was ignored by state officials.

Now, racing executives are getting more vocal. Some of them recently bstold a transportation board with the power to change the plan to stop the project or they’ll move to Rock Hill.

Some companies have already scouted out properties in South Carolina.[…]

Hmmm.  ANYBODY out there starting to have a few regrets about pushing this toll project on these people in such a hardline, iron-fisted manner? ANYBODY? (Tillis? Bueller? Bueller?)


5 thoughts on “#ncpol: Thom & Pat’s tholls to chase NASCAR across border to SC?

  1. $6 billion dollars? That would hurt NC badly. And Pat McCrory can’t be so falling down stupid as to not understand that he’ll leave the Executive Mansion next year if NASCAR leaves the state.

  2. Careful. ALEC wants the tholls. It’s the role of state gubmint to hand over the control (and revenue potential) of taxpayer-funded infrastructure to private (foreign) hands.

    Does ALEC have to spell it out for you again? Selling off US infrastructure to the highest (foreign) bidder = GOOD. Setting responsible (domestic) revenue collections to pay for (domestic) infrastructure costs = COMMUNISM.

  3. Similar to the Problems at the NC Marine Fisheries Commission with decisions made by Tillis and Governor Pat McCroy. Make decisions and not consider damage caused by their decisions. MF Commission is out number with CCA members, represent only 10% of Recreational fishermen last count made 2-3 years ago. Now Reduced days allowed to fish by 46 % Commercial Fishermen are allowed to catch seafood for all of NC folks.

  4. If the NASCAR teams move to SC can we pay them millions in incentives to get them back?

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