#ncpol: Thom & Pat’s tholls to chase NASCAR across border to SC?

That, according to Charlotte area media reports, is starting to soundpayup like a real possibility:

[…] Several racing companies around Charlotte are taking a hard stance on a controversial toll lane project on Interstate 77, threatening to move if the North Carolina Department of Transportation doesn’t stop the project.

Racing is a $6 billion industry in North Carolina with much of its base just north of Charlotte.

Greg Wallace, with Rusty Wallace Incorporated, told Channel 9 many racing companies could move if a plan to put toll lanes on I-77 goes through.nascar

“There are costs involved with moving, and that’s not what they want to do, but if they can’t perform with regular business functions, they don’t have a choice,” said Wallace.

Many big names in motorsports have signed petitions to stop the project that would put toll-express lanes from uptown to Mooresville, but that was ignored by state officials.

Now, racing executives are getting more vocal. Some of them recently bstold a transportation board with the power to change the plan to stop the project or they’ll move to Rock Hill.

Some companies have already scouted out properties in South Carolina.[…]

Hmmm.  ANYBODY out there starting to have a few regrets about pushing this toll project on these people in such a hardline, iron-fisted manner? ANYBODY? (Tillis? Bueller? Bueller?)