#ncpol: Double-dippin’ Dallas?

We told you earlier about two other gentlemen who appear to be drawing paychecks from the NCGOP while maintaining a controlling interest in outside “political consulting” outfits.

Looks like we’ve got one more to add to that list.  As you all know, cartoon character Dallas Woodhouse is the face, voice and executive director of The North Carolina Republican Party. It appears he is also the manager of an active consulting company, registered with “Occupy Elaine” Marshall, known as “Solutions NC, LLC.”

State law requires LLC managers to file annual reports.  The last report filed by Woodhouse appears to have been in January 2017 for the 2016 calendar year.  But, as you can see, the firm is still an active entity.

4 thoughts on “#ncpol: Double-dippin’ Dallas?

  1. I have not received one dime of outside income since I came to NCGOP. Not a single penny. I have not double dipped anything.

    I have kept my LLC Open, but it has not seen a red cent since I came to the party.

    Of all your attacks on me this is the most unfair. Simply having an LLC, which I have had for years is not double dipping. My work at NCGOP is all I do and all I have ever done since the moment I walked in the door.

      1. True, we must not let trivia detract from greater offenses of poor judgment and bad faith. Like holding an LGBT encounter session at ncgop hq. That’s an act meant to introduce discord within the Party at a time when unity is essential. Which is highly predictable when you have a member of a radical left-wing family freely roaming the premises at 1506 Hillsborough. Sad part of this left wing drift of the Party is that it is being given cover, and enabled by, the so-called NC Values coalition.

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