NCGOP leadership races starting to get crowded




With all of the infighting between grassroots activists and establishment types this past year, you had to expect this. Right now, it appears there will be at least five people competing for the NCGOP’s top two posts — which come up for a vote at the state convention in June.

Chairman Robin Hayes just announced his decision to not seek reelection.  Vice-chairman Wayne King has taken a paid position with Congressman Mark Meadows (R-11th), and has not announced his intentions regarding reelection.  For those of you under the impression that Hayes got thrown under the bus by Gov. Pat, one of my A-number-One insider sources in our fair capital city is here to set you straight:

“Robin, as a victim?  Nonsense.  He didn’t want to run again.  The McCrory team asked him to delay his announcement as long as he could, so the deck could be stacked for a McCrory-supported candidate for party chairman.  Robin announced his decision so close to the vote — well after many county conventions have occurred — that it would be tough for a grassroots candidate to emerge for the chairman position. This was well-played.”

Claude Pope, the former chairman of the Wake County GOP, has announced his decision to seek the state party chairmanship.  His candidacy has been blessed by Gov. Pat, and his campaign is being run by Gov. Pat’s nephew and former campaign manager.  

Jack Brosch, a Mecklenburg County-based Tea Party activist, has signaled his intentions to also seek the party’s top post.  In 2012, Brosch was the GOP nominee against incumbent Democrat congressman Mel Watt.

Former legislator Glen Bradley of Wake County has already announced his intention to seek the vice-chairman post.   Dave “Major Dave” Goetze of Wake County has also signaled his intention to seek the party’s #2 spot.

I understand — from some Piedmont and western North Carolina sources — that former Guilford County GOP chairman Marcus Kindley is talking up the idea of running for vice-chairman.

  If King were to seek reelection, that would give us FOUR candidates for the vice-chairman race.   I am hearing some other prominent names being bandied about for either of the two posts.  But June is not so far away, and it is now put-up-or-shut-up time.   The NCGOP confab in June looks like it might be kind of  fun.