#ncgop Harnett, Nix pick up endorsements

ncgopWith the state GOP convention gaveling into order next weekend, some folks are making their voices heard on the choices for officers to lead the party over the next two years.

The Republican Liberty Caucus — an Eastern North Carolina based coalition of libertarian-leaning and Tea Party conservatives — has endorsed Hasan Harnett for state party chairman and Michele Nix for vice-chairman.

Congressman Walter Jones (R), currently representing eastern North Carolina’s Third District, has also stepped forward with an endorsement of Nix for vice-chairman.

Craig Collins of Gaston County has already been endorsed by both of the state’s US senators as well as most of the party’s power structure in Raleigh.

3 thoughts on “#ncgop Harnett, Nix pick up endorsements

  1. Yes the Collins/Justice ticket got endorsements, but with Carolyn Justice no longer on the ticket the endorsements are being withdrawn. It was Justice being endorsed, not Collins.

  2. That endorsement from Congressman Walter Jones is impressive. He is an honest to God, real Republican who is the strongest budget hawk in the NC delegation, and the only one with an A rating from the anti-amnesty Numbers USA. Also A rated by NRA and National Right to Life.

    The only other Congressman to endorse is Boehner’s little water boy Patrick McHenty, who voted to fund Obama’s executive amnesty. McHenry cannot seem to figure out if he is an Obama Republican or a Boehner Republican, but these days, there is not much difference. McHenry’s endorsement of Collins should be a kiss of death.

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