#ncga: The (NC House) $$$ chase thus far …

Whoever has the most money is not always the best indicator of who will come out on top when the smoke clears at the end of election day. Factors like name ID, various local issues, and the proportion of local vs. outside contributions also make a big difference.  Nevertheless, we’ll take a look — thanks to this helpful chart from The Free Enterprise Foundation — at how some key races are stacking up financially.

HD1:  This now-open seat has been held the last few terms by Bob Steinburg (R).  This year, Ed Goodwin – the 2012 GOP nominee for secretary of state – is seeking to replace him in Raleigh.  But Bertie County commissioner Ron Wesson may have something to say about that.  In Q3, Wesson outraged Goodwin $185,743.53 to $71,741.68.  Wesson, in the home stretch, has $53,528.68 on-hand while Goodwin has $3,877.02.  Apparently, Wesson felt comfortable enough to donate $20,000 to someone else. 

HD6: Currituck County commissioner Bobby Hanig (R) upset incumbent Beverly Boswell (R) in the May primary.  He’s facing off Tuesday against Dare County Democrat, and Boswell’s 2016 foe, Tess Judge.  In Q3, Judge out-raised Hanig $348,440.79  to $59,948.78.  In terms of cash-on-hand, Judge has $42,824.41 going into the final stretch of the campaign, while Hanig is BROKE (-$16,409.08).

HD7:  Lisa Stone Barnes (R) is taking  it  to incumbent Bobbie Richardson (D).  In Q3, Stone raised $103,125.08 to Richardson’s $36,149.94.  Barnes has $12,556.22 on-hand going into the final stretch, while Richardson is BROKE(-$60,950.74).

HD19:  Marcia Morgan (D) is taking it to incumbent Ted Davis (R). In Q3, Morgan out-raised Davis $252,243.97 to $58,695.58.  In terms of cash-on-hand,  Morgan has $99,379.63 to  Davis’s $32,014.30. 

HD20:  Leslie Cohen (D) is taking on incumbent Holly Grange (R).  In Q3, Cohen out-raised Grange $243,927.10 to $173,034.06.   In terms of cash-on-hand, Cohen has $23,209.37 while Grange has $32,844.34. 

HD35:  Terence Everitt (D) is taking it to incumbent Chris Malone.  In Q3, Everitt has out-raised Malone $420,245.95 to $103,172.04.  In terms of cash-on-hand, Malone leads Everitt $49,879.56 to $6,965.32. 

HD36:  Julie von Heafen (D) is taking it to incumbent Nelson Dollar (R). In Q3, von Haefen has out-raised Dollar $614,762.04 to $261,217.16. As far as cash-on-hand goes, von Haefen has $287,469.80 to Dollar’s $200,501.76. 

HD37:  Sydney Batch (D) is taking it to incumbent John Adcock (R). In Q3, Batch out-raised Adcock $678,264.59 to $145,480.28.  In terms of cash-on-hand, Batch leads Adcock $92,212.52 to $10,671.70.

HD40:  Marilyn Avila (R) is taking it to incumbent Joe John (D).  At the end of Q3, Avila out-raised John $137,337.66 to $52,240.63.  In terms of cash-on-hand, Avila led John $31,042.78 to $7,133.47. 

HD51:  Lisa Mathis (D) is taking it to incumbent John Sauls (R).  At the end of Q3, Mathis out-raised Sauls $300,124.29 to $194,726.82.  As far as cash-on-hand goes, Sauls led Mathis $25,498.68 to $17,054.38. 

HD63:  Erica McAdoo (D) is giving incumbent Stephen Ross (R) a fight.  At the end of Q3, McAdoo had out-raised Ross $286,636.67 to $149,938.65.  In term of cash-on-hand, McAdoo led Ross $20,942.99 to $3,562.25. 

HD68:  Rick Foulke (D) is giving incumbent Craig Horn (R) a fight.  At the end of Q3, Foulke had out-raised Horn $98,384.81 to $50,725.74.  As far as cash-on-hand goes, Foulke led Horn $23,502.58 to $12,699.20. 

HD74: Terri LeGrand (D) is giving incumbent Debra Conrad (R) a fight.  At the end of Q3, LeGrand out-raised Conrad $417,897.60 to $82,765.27.   LeGrand leads Conrad in cash-on-hand by $120,057.33 to $84,129.40. 

HD86:  Tim Barnsback (D) is giving incumbent Hugh Blackwell (R) a fight.  At the end of Q3, Barnsback led Blackwell $33,217.90 to $29,287.84. Blackwell leads things in cash-on-hand by $23,978.12 to $88.88.

HD93:  Ray Russell (D) is giving incumbent Jonathan Jordan (R) a fight.  At the end of Q3, Russell led Jordan $294,971.97 to $177,277.86.  Jordan led in cash-on-hand by $12,951.59 to $10,860.98.

HD98:  Christy Clark (D) is really piling it on incumbent John Bradford (R).  At the end of Q3, Clark led Bradford $725,054.27 to $86,704.40.  Clark also led in cash-on-hand by $323,280.59 to $85,387.26. 

HD103:  This one is just plain ugly.  Rachel Hunt (D) has out-raised incumbent Bill Brawley $1,082,150.34 to $295,246.40.  Hunt also leads the cash-on-hand race $98,799.64 to $6,443.26. 

HD104:  Brandon Lofton (D) is leading incumbent Andy Dulin (R) here by $387,665.64 to $200,937.03. Lofton leads cash-on-hand by $27,497.74 to $20,785.89.

HD105:  Wesley Harris (D) is giving incumbent Scott Stone (R) quite a fight.  Harris leads the quarter’s fundraising by $352,996.29 to $119,755.50.  Stone has more cash-on-hand: $38,818.57 to $16,851.17. 

HD119:  Joe Sam Queen (D) is piling it on incumbent Mike Clampitt (R).  Queen leads the $$$ chase here by $346,975.19 to $11,683.00.  Queen also leads in cash-on -hand: $61,310.37  to $12,992.23