#ncga: Steinburg preaching alt-energy gospel of renowned climatologists Shumaker and Stewart


Bob  Steinburg works hard for his money.  When he’s not shaking down people he represents for “investments” , he’s defending that tax $$$-gobbling scam known as “alternative energy. ”





The saddest part of all this?  The “experts” he is citing are none other than  “Conservatives for Clean Energy” and “Strategic Partners Solutions, LLC.” —  two entities masterminded by GOPe political consultants Paul Shumaker and Dee Stewart.  (You can see the logos for those two groups at the bottom of the presentations Steinburg is showing off.)  Neither one has ANY significant environmental science education — at least, that I am aware of.





The presentations are basically polls.  And we all know polls can be made to say whatever you want them to say.  (I think Shumaker actually produced a poll showing his then-client Robert Pittenger up on Mark Harris by 37 points just in front of the 2018 GOP primary vote.)


There’s a lot of money to be had in being a friend of solar and wind power.  Lots of people — like Dan McCready — are out there getting rich off of state tax credits and subsidies for “alternative energy.”  Those folks take a lot of that money and kick it back to politicians — like Steinburg — who keep their sweet, sugar-daddy deal with the state alive and well.



Shumaker and Stewart get paid well by rich environmental fanatics like Jay Faison to keep this money-printing, snake-oil production operation running smoothly.



A lot of legislators hide the fact they are bought and paid for much better than Bob Steinburg does.




Hey, these solar guys have a lot of $$$$.  Maybe ol’ Bob can sell them on some basketball tournament “sponsorships.”

The Snake-Oil Classic?  (ESPN would probably jump all over  that.)