#ncga SD-1 endorsers: Top conservative blesses Twiddy. Steinburg gets — a DEMOCRAT?

Well, one of the wildest, craziest, meanest primary fights in the state is mercifully coming to a close.  Endorsements are starting to come in.

Senator Bill Cook (R), the retiring incumbent in the district, has cut an ad for Clark Twiddy that both praises Twiddy and blasts state Rep. Bob Steinburg.

Cook followed that up with this, from The Daily Advance newspaper:

It’s unusual, to say the least, to hear an incumbent legislator publicly criticize another legislator — especially one from his own party.  But at least Cook has the guts to be open and honest and transparent about his political activities.  Unlike some other folks in the Senate GOP caucus. 

How has Steinburg reacted to this endorsement?  Why, with one of his own, of course:

A reminder:  Steinburg and Twiddy are running in a REPUBLICAN primary.  Mr. Peel is a good ol’ progressive Democrat.  Not a Zell Miller Democrat.  (More like a friend of Hillary.)

I’m still waiting to hear the logic about how this kind of endorsement helps in a GOP primary.

But, hey, Bob Steinburg knows best.  It wasn’t too long ago that he was telling us that “Democrat” and “Republican” just don’t matter to him.

(I’ll magnify that part at the bottom in case you can’t read it.)

2 thoughts on “#ncga SD-1 endorsers: Top conservative blesses Twiddy. Steinburg gets — a DEMOCRAT?

  1. It makes perfect sense that a progressive Democrat would endorse our Bob! After all, Bob Steinburg is working very hard to carry out President Obama’s progressive green energy legacy in North Carolina. Bob is a big supporter of the Polar Bears, even if he is not a friend of electric ratepayers. This endorsement will help get the progressive Unaffiliated voters to vote in the GOP primary for Bob. I am so glad that you Republicans are dumb enough to let Unaffiliateds vote in your primary. That is Bob’s secret weapon.

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