#ncga: Could Steinburg’s NC House seat flip to D?

The fundraising numbers in HD-1 are so competitive that it might just be possible.

Former Chowan County commissioner (and 2012 GOP nominee for secretary of state) Ed Goodwin is seeking to replace Bob Steinburg (R), who is giving up his seat to run for the open senate district 1 seat.

Bertie County commissioner Ron Wesson is the Democrat nominee for the HD-1 seat.

According to the latest campaign finance reports, Wesson has raised $22,102.78 from January 1 through June 30.  For that same period, Goodwin’s campaign reports raising $15,355.34. 

Wesson reports having  $17,765.43 cash-on-hand as of June 30.  Goodwin reports having $7,361.50.

3 thoughts on “#ncga: Could Steinburg’s NC House seat flip to D?

  1. I am unaware of a better man in NE NC than Ed Goodwin to help defend his home State and Country against Socialism. Retired Democrat (2005) Sen Zell Miller from Georgia authored a book titled “A PARTY NO MORE.” Could he have been any more correct?????!!!!!

    Browny Douglas

  2. This district was mangled by redistricting which made it very marginal, and that is Goodwin’s main problem. It is even more marginal than SD1. Unlike SD1, the county population numbers and county lines did not give any other real options in drawing a better district. One cannot blame Lewis for this one.

    SD1 is another story. That district easily could have been improved but Phil Berger refused. The Beaufort County GOP Executive Committee proposed three different alternative alignments between whole counties in SD1 and SD3 which better met the objective tests of redistricting, making both districts more compact, evening out population discrepancies, and keeping communities of interest together. All three also kept SD1 much more Republican than Berger’s plan and kept Senator Bill Cook in the district. Berger obviously did not want that. We are in real danger of losing SD1 as a result. SD3 was hopeless before and it still is.

    Goodwin campaigns on his resume much more than on issues, and that always makes me nervous about a politician, but looking at his new district, that may almost be a necessity for him.

    Goodwin’s primary opponent Candace Hunter, gave Goodwin a good primary run, and may have been better placed to win a general election. She did quite well for a very amateur run and with a little expert advice would probably have beat Goodwin. She was certainly a lot more dynamic than Goodwin. I hope we will see more of her in the future.

    Goodwin has a very tough district, but like Larry and Browny, I hope he makes it..

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