NC Campaign 2012: And the beat goes on …






With Lt. Gov.Walter Dalton stepping up to the gubernatorial race, state Democrats have been desperate to find someone to carry the party banner in 2012 for lt. governor.  (Three outstanding Republicans are already battling it out for their party’s LtGov nod.) Linda Coleman — appointed by Boss Bev to lead the state personnel office — has stepped forward to try and make history as the state’s first black female lieutenant governor.

Her list of endorsements is enough to make me RUN to the NCGOP nominee:

Sierra Club, National Association of Social Workers, North Carolina Conservation Council, North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, North Carolina Academy of Trial Lawyers, North Carolina Association of Educators, State Employees Association of North Carolina

(YIKES.)    Meanwhile, the right Rev. Bobby Etheridge has made his first public campaign remarks since he joined the gubernatorial race:

Bob Etheridge skirted two difficult issues on his first day as a Democratic candidate for governor.

Etheridge, a former congressman, declined to take a position on the constitutional amendment banning same sex marriages that will appear on the ballot in May, saying it is an issue that he will have to deal with later.

“The nice thing is, it is before the people and they will make the decision,” Etheridge said a news conference in front of state Democratic headquarters. “I always believe the people in the state make the right decision.”

He also declined to endorse a proposal by Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue to raise the sales tax three-fourths of a cent, although he admonished the Republican legislature for repealing it last year.

“They shouldn’t have done away with it,” Etheridge said.

“They (the schools) are going to need resources,” Etheridge said. “That is going to be the thing that the legislature is going to have to deal with when it comes to town.”

Oh,yeah,that’s what we need in this economy — another tax.  (Where is all that revenue from the wildly popular EDUCATION lottery? )
Bobby’s position on gay marriage puts him to the right of his nemesis Renee Ellmers, and SHOULD win him some kudos from the Sunday school crowd.
Back to education and what Bobby calls “the chillun”:  The only relationship between education spending and student success is THIS — students perform worst in systems that spend the most per pupil.   (See L.A., D.C., Detroit, and NYC.)
If you missed BobbyE’s remarks, here is some video.