More on those scary conservative church-going Southerners …


Mainstream media hacks — like Chris Matthews, for example — have been beating that dead horse about religious bigotry below The Mason-Dixon Line.  The old narrative used to be that Southerners would never vote for a Catholic like JFK.  Now, we’re allegedly bigoted against Mitt Romney and his Mormon faith.

Let’s check the record.  Newt Gingrich — a practicing Catholic — won South Carolina and Georgia.  Rick Santorum — also a practicing Catholic (and a – *GASP* – Yankee) — won Tennessee, Mississippi, and Alabama.  Wait.  Aren’t we crackers supposed to be prejudiced against Catholics, the pope, and all that?  That’s what MSNBC said.  (And if MSNBC said it … ) 

Let me clue you in on a secret:  It has little to nothing to do with a candidate’s faith.  Southerners are hungry for passionate, principled conservative leadership.  (And ol’ Mitt isn’t cutting it.)