Monkey Business Report: Board of Elections mail


Liberals are trying to assure us that everything is fine with the post office, and that we have NOT A THING to worry about in re: mail-in-voting.


Well, one of our long-time loyal readers decided to run a little test — with the Pasquotank County board of elections as its subject:


“[…] We are tracking registrations to be sure that they are being put in the system in a timely manner.   So far that answer is no.    There was the usual complaints about the mail being slow…la de da, but then they indicated that AFTER THEY PICK UP THE MAIL THEY LET IT SIT FOR THREE DAYS!   as per NC Dept of Health Guidelines.   This is insane! […]
Soooo — ARE Governor Doofus and Miss Mandy over in Raleigh telling local election boards to sit on new mail?  Wait, there’s more.   Our reader followed up with an email to the Pasquotank board:

From: [redacted]
Sent: Wednesday, September 2, 2020 2:06 PM
To: Tate, Emma
Subject: [External] Public Records Request

As Per NCGS 132 please forward the directive that requested that you not open mail for three (3) days after receiving it.

Thank you.


And HERE is the response from the Pasquotank board:


We did not receive any directive, it was just recommended through word of mouth at state trainings to let mail sit before we handle it. After out meeting on Tuesday, and due to concerns from the public, we are no longer practicing the three day rule. We have returned to scanning the same day we receive.


Emma E. Tate

Director of Elections

Pasquotank County Board of Elections

1409 Parkview Drive, Elizabeth City, NC 27909

P.O. Box 1797, Elizabeth City, NC 27906

 If this was happening in Pasquotank County,  there is a decent chance that it has been happening in YOURS as well.