Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money. Mo’ Money. (For, um, DALLAS ???)



Convicted felon Robin Hayes is just simply the gift that keeps on giving.   You MAY remember THIS story from February. 



Then-chairman of the NCGOP  Hayes, ramrodded through BONUSES for Dallas Woodhouse and two other party staffers.  The party’s personnel committee objected to the move, but Hayes simply ignored them and by-passed the party’s central committee.  The raises were granted.


According to my moles,  Dallas was promised $15,000 by Hayes, but was only paid $5000 by that time.  On April 2, Hayes was indicted.


Now, here we are in October.  Again, according to the moles,  Dallas has apparently approached the new NCGOP administration demanding the rest of his “bonus.”



Sources tell me that the entire party leadership was opposed to even paying Woodhouse “one more dime.”  But the issue was taken before the party’s ruling central committee yesterday.


I am told that party leaders consulted “legal experts” who, in turn, told them that the chairman DOES have the right to unilaterally enter contractual relationships with people.  (Sources tell me that various and sundry emails exist that COULD pass for a binding contract in a courtroom — if the issue were to go that far.)


Sooooooo —  the NCGOP central committee voted Saturday  to pay Dallas Woodhouse $10,000 in order to put the issue to bed.



Bonus?  What did Dallas do that warranted a “bonus”?  Well, let’s review the record:


    • He presided over a vicious slander attack against a duly-elected party chairman,  Hasan Harnett, questioning his integrity and suggesting he was a “security risk.”  (Never mind that chairman was  replaced via coup with Dallas’s patron, Robin Hayes, who is now a convicted felon in the federal judicial system. Thanks to activities he partook in as chairman of the NCGOP.)


    • He presided over multiple electoral and fundraising disasters during his time as executive director — but, somehow, he and his “grandpa” kept getting reelected. There are a lot fewer elected Republicans in  major offices since these two took over.   The state party currently has six figures in unfunded liabilities thanks to the Hayes-Woodhouse administration.


    • The state party HQ building was absolutely trashed during the Hayes-Woodhouse tenure.  Broken furniture was piled up in  the chairman’s office — providing some indication that Hayes was hardly ever on the job.


    • When a light bulb burned out in party HQ during the Hayes-Woodhouse era, it was often never replaced.   The new administration took over, and one of their first questions was:  Why is it so dark in here?


    • Two longtime party activists (and a party staffer during the Hayes era) recalled that empty pizza boxes were typically left on the floor for days.  The sources recalled seeing VIPs like Phil Berger leading guests to the conference room and having to side-step (or step over) pizza boxes.



And Dallas Woodhouse is getting a BONUS.