7 thoughts on “Merry Christmas to all …

  1. Thanks, Brant, for providing conservatives with a news site for keeping up and speaking up. You encourage us.

    Even the DH fact-free trolls (ever-gushing fountains of Leftist slops) are fun to mock and educate. (God knows, they need the knowledge, and we need the laughs.)

    The DH articles and comments convey our justified contempt for all those who play us for fools and shamelessly use their offices to pillage and power-grab. The weasels need a constant reminder that we’re watching them and working hard to throw them out.

    We appreciate you, Brant. Happy New Year, too!


    1. Also, I wish all the DH commenters a wonderful Christmas season and a “Righter” New Year. (Trolls, I’m including you, too.)

      (Raphael, special thanks and best wishes to you for your consistently knowledgeable comments. You help us better understand what’s going on in NC, and why.)

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