Meet the “new” guy at Civitas



Confirming what I’ve been hearing for months now,  the little cartoon character who entertained us for years at NCGOP HQ has made a career move.



Yeah.  That’s one of those cute little reminders that LinkedIn sends out.  I had to go find our boy on LinkedIn JUST to make sure there weren’t TWO Dallas Woodhouses floating around.




Sure enough, it was true.  He started in November,  according to his profile.  If I calculate time correctly,  that was around the same time Dallas was recruiting candidates for the North Carolina House Caucus at NCGOP HQ.  (I wonder how that works — taking a check from  a partisan political operation while also taking one from an allegedly non-partisan, non-profit?   Is that kosher?)


It’s a sure sign that the Pope Mafia — specifically Hood and Pope — are continuing to thumb their noses at conservatives.  From  their never-ending NeverTrump tantrum to THIS.   (It’s also a bit of a reunion for AFP alumni.  Dallas preceded Civitas president Don Bryson at the NC Chapter of Americans For Prosperity. Bryson came to Civitas from AFP. )



Ol’ Don better watch his back with this new hire.  Dallas has a history of undermining organization heads and getting them fired.   He also has a history of leaving things worse off than they were when he arrived (overall financial standing,  significant electoral losses,  chairman’s indictment to name a few).