Meck GOPers ready to drop another load on us

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party is a microcosm — exemplary — of what’s wrong with the NC GOP.   They’ve blessed us with Thom Tillis AND Pat McCrory.  Ol’ Thom is pulling a full-Lindsey in DC.  Pat is a different story.  (Out of work.  Can’t find a job.)

I keep hearing this comment out of RINOS lately that goes something like this: “If the FAR left doesn’t like it, and the FAR right Daily Haymaker doesn’t like it, it must be good.”  (Not exactly.  How about developing a heart-felt position, supported with facts, and fighting for it?) 

Anyway, Gov. Pat  was the first one I heard make that “Far Left, Far Right” analogy.  (And look what it got him.)

The Meckies also nominated a party chairman — a paid employee of solar welfare champion Jay Faison — who, while in office as the county’s top Republican, was actively trying to arrange a primary for the sitting Republican NC House majority leader. 

Now, look what they’re doing:

See the candidate for “Public Relations Chair”?  (Where are the nominees for “Table” and “First Vice Lamp”?  I hate what feminism has done to our language.  “Chairman” is a proper word along the lines of “mankind” and “yeoman.”  “Chairman” properly indicates a living, breathing person — and NOT a piece of inanimate furniture.) 

Anyway, back to James Tatro.  Long-time readers may remember that he started a campaign to have us removed from Facebook.  (We’re still there. So, you can see how poor and ineffective his PR skills are.  Good luck, Meckies.) 


9 thoughts on “Meck GOPers ready to drop another load on us

  1. I am proud to say that the new public relation chair has me blocked on facebook. This must mean I must be doing something right


      1. in politics you meet people and try to take them at face value and trust everyone to be honest and upstanding and fighting for the party platform and to keep the party conservative and then you come to realize that the enemies in the rooms of your own conventions end up being more of a enemy to conservative values than the progressive leftists that fight every thing conservatives are trying to accomplish because these people voting beside you are helping to enable the progressive leftists to gain strength in the fight

  2. Glad
    Gov Pat McCroy is not governor. He worked at destorying Commercial Fishermen of NC. Thom Tillis did the same!
    Robin Hayes is not elected Chairman of Republican Party. he is working on destruction of NC Fishing Industries!

  3. The conventions in Meck are a joke. Resolutions from the floor are not allowed. We were told by Brawley that we are too stupid to do that. The only ones we can vote on are to honor dead folks and Pat. The good faithful soldiers are well rewarded. Something really stinks here.

    1. I tried maybe I did not try good who knows I guess the room that voted again but a few spoke up to try to support my substitution my biggest mistake was agreeing to answer questions and then the questioner still had his time to debate in the negative and not getting to rebuttal them about the absolute crap they spouted

      the long time Conservative Christians no longer show up to the Mecklenburg convention so when this happens nothing good can happen

      The party is shrinking while they praise how good things are but I remember when we used to have at least 2 times the people coming to the county convention or even more than that but that is before they required the $20 blood money at the door

      1. $20, huh? Meanwhile, many rural Parties charge no convention fees, work hard to get people to attend, do more with less and still deliver their counties FOR statewide Republican office seekers. The urban counties appear to be cesspools of establishment corruption, rarely deliver at election time (except maybe New Hanover) and are becoming so unlike their rural counterparts, it’s like they’re not even in the same Party.

        1. I would love to see the counties that do not charge and the districts that do not charge fight to get the language that said you CANNOT CHARGE put back into the Party Plan of Organization.

          It used to be there and it was removed like maybe 5 years ago. It said a donations could be requested but it could not be forced on anyone who attended their precinct meeting and was a delegate for the convention

          Come on smaller counties change that language and stick it to the county that brought the need for HB2 so maybe we can get more good republicans active in the local party by removing the poll tax

        2. Unfortunately, New Hanover has also gone rogue. The convention fee this year was $20, which has doubled in just 4 years time. Also for the last two years the convention has been held on a Weeknight with a start time of 6 PM when most people are stuck in traffic trying to get home from work. The convention used to be held on a Saturday Morning.

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