Meck GOPers ready to drop another load on us

The Mecklenburg County Republican Party is a microcosm — exemplary — of what’s wrong with the NC GOP.   They’ve blessed us with Thom Tillis AND Pat McCrory.  Ol’ Thom is pulling a full-Lindsey in DC.  Pat is a different story.  (Out of work.  Can’t find a job.)

I keep hearing this comment out of RINOS lately that goes something like this: “If the FAR left doesn’t like it, and the FAR right Daily Haymaker doesn’t like it, it must be good.”  (Not exactly.  How about developing a heart-felt position, supported with facts, and fighting for it?) 

Anyway, Gov. Pat  was the first one I heard make that “Far Left, Far Right” analogy.  (And look what it got him.)

The Meckies also nominated a party chairman — a paid employee of solar welfare champion Jay Faison — who, while in office as the county’s top Republican, was actively trying to arrange a primary for the sitting Republican NC House majority leader. 

Now, look what they’re doing:

See the candidate for “Public Relations Chair”?  (Where are the nominees for “Table” and “First Vice Lamp”?  I hate what feminism has done to our language.  “Chairman” is a proper word along the lines of “mankind” and “yeoman.”  “Chairman” properly indicates a living, breathing person — and NOT a piece of inanimate furniture.) 

Anyway, back to James Tatro.  Long-time readers may remember that he started a campaign to have us removed from Facebook.  (We’re still there. So, you can see how poor and ineffective his PR skills are.  Good luck, Meckies.)