McCrory transition hitting a few bumps?





It’s interesting to see what’s left of North Carolina’s mainstream media thoroughly inspecting Pat McCrory’s transition team, agenda, and appointees.  I don’t think Bev or Easley got THIS LEVEL of media vetting in their 12 years in Raleigh.

Though, a few interesting items have popped up during this process.  One is the “controversy” surrounding Cultural Resources Secretary-designate Susan Kluttz.   Apparently,  the woman Gov.-elect Pat wants to oversee state-subsidized cultural events lost her job as mayor of Salisbury after championing a “Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Pride Day” proclamation.   If you check out Gov.-elect Pat’s HR web site, you will notice that applicants are asked if there is anything in their background that MIGHT cause some controversy for the gov.-elect.   It makes one wonder WHO on the transition team thought it MIGHT NOT be controversial to appoint someone with left-of-center social and cultural views to oversee state-funded cultural affairs for a reportedly conservative administration.  it sounds like she made the cut because she is a personal Friend-of-Pat (FOP).  But this woman strikes me as a headache-in-waiting for the gov.-elect’s communications team.

Half of our 50 state governments are openly opposing the implementation of ObamaCare’s health care exchanges.   Republican administrations in TN, SC, and VA — whose governors ALL campaigned for Pat McCrory — are part of this ObamaCare protest.  But we CAN’T seem to get Gov.-elect Pat or the rest of the GOP leadership in Raleigh to get excited about it.  We’ve gotten a lot of lip service about “studying” the matter after the inauguration.

What IS the problem with taking a stand?  Do they think ObamaCare will be GOOD for us?  Do they think fighting the implementation of ObamaCare will incur the wrath of all of those people who voted Republican in November?  I’ve had some folks inside-the-beltline try to tell me that refusing to cooperate with setting up the exchanges will reduce the influence the state will have in the operation of ObamaCare.  Really?  The TRUTH is that states are responsible for setting up the health exchanges, but THE FEDS will run the show.   A grassroots movement to encourage GOP leaders in Raleigh to take a stand on ObamaCare has popped up on Facebook.

The N&O’s Craig Jarvis tried to take down John Skvarla, but ended up boosting his political stock.  His colleague John Frank grabs the baton from Curtis and delivers the stunner — *STUNNER* that big donors and politicos are at the center of the McCrory transition.   *Who KNEW?*